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Crime Woman Charged with Murdering 3-year-old Grandson

Woman Charged with Murdering 3-year-old Grandson

Milpitas Police encountered a shocking crime scene this past Monday, April 15. It was a quarter to 5 in the afternoon when a 911 call alerted them to the presence of an unresponsive 3-year-old at a residence on Luz Del Sol’s 700 block, an area with no prior history of abuse allegations.

The child lived there with his aunt and grandmother.

An officer showed up 2 minutes after the call. Right away, the officer did CPR on the child. More Police and Fire Department personnel came in to lend support. The toddler was soon rushed to a nearby hospital by paramedics, but tragically did not survive.

The cause of death was determined to be a homicide, carried out by way of manual strangulation.

Two days later — Wednesday, April 17 — based on the evidence they’d obtained, Milpitas Police Department detectives went to San Jose and arrested Foos Adbi Hashi (78). Hashi is the deceased boy’s paternal grandmother.

Charged with homicide and child abuse, she was booked into the Santa Clara County Main Jail. No other family members were suspected to be involved. Hashi is expected to make her first court appearance tomorrow afternoon.

Residents with any info about this case can call the Milpitas Police Department (408-586-2400) or the Crime Tip Hotline (408-586-2500), or write in through the MPD’s website: http://www.ci.milpitas.ca.gov/crimetip

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