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Letters to the EditorVice Mayor Nuñez issues apology & calls for greater transparency in public...

Vice Mayor Nuñez issues apology & calls for greater transparency in public comments

Dear Editor:

On Sept. 22, The Milpitas Beat published an article referencing a recent Facebook video I posted expressing my deep concern over the disrespectful language and attitudes that have been on display at council meetings. This includes public comments made during the Sept. 15 council meeting alleging purported racist remarks by Milpitas City Council candidate Evelyn Chua. 

First of all, I would like to thank The Milpitas Beat for making a concerted effort to fact-check these public comments. This is why a free press and local journalism is important. 

Secondly, I am very glad to know that she denies making such statements, and I sincerely apologize for not reaching out to her personally to discuss the situation. As I stated in my video message, this is a time when we all need each other as we turn a corner as a community, and I am grateful for the stand the city council collectively took at the last meeting against racist conduct.

Going forward, I will once again ask the Milpitas City Manager to consider structuring our online council meetings so that residents can participate in real time and in full view, with name and contact information required as is the practice with other public agencies such as the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors meetings. This will allow for much greater accountability all around. True civility occurs when we all practice honesty and transparency and are not afraid to answer for our own words and actions. 


Thank You,

Bob Nuñez, Vice Mayor of Milpitas




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