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TV Show “American Pickers” Seeking Guests

Come March, 2019, the hit TV series “American Pickers” is set to shoot new episodes in California. The show’s production team is seeking new guests, and reached The Milpitas Beat to request that we share the news with our community…

“American Pickers” airs on the History Channel. It’s all about the world of antique “picking.” Its 2 stars, Mike and Pete, hit the road in each episode in search of unique antique collections and the stories of how they came to be. The pair calls themselves the Pickers, hence the show’s title.

They not only examine antique collections, they’re also out to rescue and recycle what they find. And they’re not only interested in the objects themselves; they’re interested in the human beings and history behind those objects.

Now they’re seeking California’s hidden treasures.

Do you have a big antique collection? How ‘bout someone in your family or circle of friends? If so, and you’re interested in sharing it with the world, the Pickers want to know about it. They’ll need your name, phone number, and location, along with a description and some photos of the collection in question:

Here’s their email: americanpickers@cineflix.com

Here’s their number: 855-OLD-RUST

Here’s their Facebook addy: @GotAPick

New episodes of “American Pickers” air on Mondays at 6pm PST on the History Channel.

Eric Shapiro
Eric Shapiro
Eric Shapiro is a writer and filmmaker. He has won awards for journalism (CA Journalism Award) and screenwriting (Fade In Award), and has served as a ghostwriter, speechwriter, or script doctor for over 3,000 clients. His first novel is a dark political thriller called "Red Dennis" (2020). His first nonfiction book is a guide for helping writers be more productive called "Ass Plus Seat" (2020). From 2020 to 2024, he co-hosted the "House of Mystery Radio Show" on NBC News Radio.


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