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CrimeSex Offender & Drug Users Apprehended (The Police Beat: Week of 12/23/18)

Sex Offender & Drug Users Apprehended (The Police Beat: Week of 12/23/18)

Milpitas Police Department News (Week of 12/23/18)


On a routine basis, the Milpitas Police Department’s Special Investigations Unit checks in on registered sex offenders living in Milpitas, to make sure they’re complying with the requirements of their registration. On 12/13/18, a 45-year-old transient named Trevor Daniel was found to be out of compliance during one such routine check. He was discovered half an hour before midnight on a bench at Ranch Drive’s 301 block. When the officer, who knew Daniel from previous encounters, approached, Daniel initially tried to walk away. But the officer closed in and arrested him, for not maintaining his current sex offender registration. Shortly thereafter, methamphetamine was discovered in Daniel’s pants pocket, leading to an additional charge.

Reports of a disturbance early in the morning on 12/21/18 led Milpitas Police Officers to the 390 block of Park Hill Drive. When an MPD officer arrived, he saw Milpitas resident Danieve Naranja (18) screaming and behaving in an overall strange manner, as witnesses worked to restrain him. Those surrounding Naranja said he had possibly taken the hallucinogenic drug LSD.

Meanwhile, another officer saw a 17-year-old male seated nearby in a grey Nissan, trying to gun the engine. The teenager’s blank stare indicated that he, too, was on drugs. When the officer asked him to step outside, the would-be driver ignored him, which led to him being physically removed from the vehicle. Another Milpitas resident, Alexander Woo (18), was also nearby, walking in the middle of the street, and also apparently under the influence of drugs. Although officers told him to stop walking, he ignored them, resisting arrest before being taken into custody.

The 3 males were taken to the hospital before jail, on account of their intoxicated state, so as to receive medical clearance. The 2 18-year-olds got cleared and booked into Santa Clara County Main Jail (charges: Resisting Arrest, Being Intoxicated in Public, Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor). The 17-year-old got cited, and was picked up by his parents from the hospital.

The 17-year-old, being a minor, goes unnamed.


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