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The other first responders: Milpitas Public Works

When we think of First Responders, we tend to think of, appreciate, and thank our healthcare workers, mailmen, farmers, grocery workers, drivers, delivery personnel, medical staff, and police and fire officers. We seldom think of the Other First Responders, the men and women of Public Works. These are the dedicated people who are on duty 24/7 taking care of our City’s emergencies:


  • fallen trees
  • unsafe street pavements
  • unlighted posts in our streets and parks
  • busted water, sewer, and storm pipes


As Chair of the 2017 Citizens Water Task Force, I’ve learned a little bit more about our City’s Public Works. They’re part of the team that:


  • ensures infrastructure reliability
  • administers proper maintenance of our hundreds of miles of water pipes and several water reservoirs in the City


They ensure infrastructure reliability and proper maintenance for health and safety purposes. More importantly, they keep our City safe and livable.

Inspired by the 50 people of Public Works, I reached out to our community to participate in either of the two initiatives I’ve started:


  • “Share a Dish, Cheer Our Responders”
  • “Sponsor a Meal, Save a Business”


The response was overwhelming. Barb Martens shared her signature Chili Verde with beans while Vicky Pasalo brought the tortillas, chips, and salsa. Moreover, Dingguagua Tasty Legend, a Chinese restaurant on Barber Lane, shared one of their dishes. Lastly, Seafood City-Milpitas provided the desserts of ice cream cones and cookies.

Thank you so much, Donors, Sponsors, and Public Works. We appreciate you!


Evelyn Chua

Milpitas Resident


Evelyn Chua
Evelyn Chua
Evelyn Chua and husband, Conrad, have been residents of Milpitas for 30 years. Her daughter, Welyn, and son-in-law, An, are graduates of Milpitas High School. Evelyn has two granddaughters. One loves horseback riding while the other is passionate about dancing. A former Citizen of the Year, Evelyn has served many years on city commissions including planning, community advisory, and emergency preparedness. She has chaired numerous task forces and recently led the Water Advisory Task Force. Evelyn loves dance exercises at the Milpitas Sport Center and participates regularly at Zumba and U-Jam classes. She’s a member of the Green Thumb Garden Club and the Peaceful Poets, both of which are based in Milpitas.


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