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“The Milpitas Monster” will air on September 14, 2019, on the “Creature Features” TV show

“The Milpitas Monster” will be the scary creature feature presented on the September 14, 2019, episode of the “Creature Features” TV show, hosted by TV producer and actor Vincent Van Dahl. With the help of his unswerving butler, Mr. Livingston, and his quixotic housemate, Tangella, Vincent will welcome director/producer Robert L. Burrill into his haunted mansion for an insightful interview about our renowned local monster. Vincent will also be joined by Stephen C. Wathen, who directed the special effects for “The Milpitas Monster,” as well as the animation of other timeless masterpieces like “Gumby Adventures.” In the intriguing “Creature Features” mansion, Burrill and Wathen, creators of “The Milpitas Monster,” shall reveal the stories behind the scenes while sharing the original props of the monster’s head and claw! 

“The Milpitas Monster” was originally conceived in Burrill’s commercial art class at Samuel Ayer High School during the 1972-73 school year, through the joint efforts of students, city officials, and the public. “The monster was made in Milpitas, by Milpitas, for Milpitas. Our environmental comment opens the door for discussion and education,” Burrill expressed. In the movie, the monster rises up out of the dump, terrorizing the city due to its careless pollution. This one-of-a-kind movie is a refreshing early incitation to take care of and have great respect for planet Earth.

On the September 14 “Creature Features” episode, Burrill will also officially announce the annual Halloween screening of his digitally remastered movie at the Great Mall’s Cinemark XD Theater, sponsored by The Milpitas Beat. Many people welcome this community event on the evening of October 30, 2019, as an opportunity for dinner and a movie, as there will be a gathering at the local steakhouse prior to the screening. Krazy George, professional cheerleader and inventor of “The Wave,” will enthusiastically lead the procession from the steakhouse to the theater, to the rhythm of his legendary drum. Movie tickets will be available for purchase for $12 starting on September 14, right here on MilpitasBeat.com.

Mark your calendar for “The Milpitas Monster” on “Creature Features” on September 14, 2019, at 10pm. Then put a pin down for its screening at the Great Mall Century Theater on Oct. 30, 2019, at 7pm!


Photo credit: Mylene Stolpe of Charismatic Photography





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