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The Milpitas Monster is back for Halloween

After a 3-year pandemic retreat, The Milpitas Monster will be screening on Oct 30th, 2023 at the Great Mall Cinemark Century Theaters. 

Four Milpitas Monster Patrons kept the 47th annual screening rolling and on track – Milpitas Historical Society President Bill Hare, Almaden Lions International Club’s Peter Herrera, Milpitas Rotary President Paul Ellis, and Saygo Inc.’s Jathin Ullal.

The Honorable Congressman Don Edwards in 1976 wrote in the Congressional Record: “Monster puts Milpitas on map.”

In 1976, Director-Educator-Author Robert Burrill commented, “Never before in the history of any school district or adult education program has such a film been produced. In a time of economical stress and impersonalization between communities, we have worked to set an example of old for all other cities to observe.

“Making our own movie revealed our community’s character and pride, as well as our humor and humility. With this model of cooperation and community spirit, it would be a dream come true if ‘as goes Milpitas, so goes the State.’” 

Professional cheerleader Krazy George Henderson along with the original Milpitas Monster Movie Makers went out on a limb in 1976 to support one of the first environmental ploys to unite our planet. 

Burrill invites Milpitas residents for The Milpitas Monster Dinner & Movie on Oct. 30th 2023. The Great Mall Outback Steak house will serve an optional dinner at 4:00pm, with a special Monster Menu created by Mgr. James Colby. 

Henderson will hold up the free spirit by leading the crowd into the classic Milpitas Monster Cheer outside of the theater. One group will scream “Milpitas” and the other one will respond with a loud “Monster.”

Movie tickets are available for pre-sales only at milpitasmonster.com or Eventbrite


Mylene Stolpe
Mylene Stolpe
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