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UncategorizedThe Beat's Week in Photos from Social Media 11/9-11/16

The Beat’s Week in Photos from Social Media 11/9-11/16

Since some of our readers are not on social media, we’re now sharing some of the photo content we post on Facebook and Instagram on our news site. This new column is titled “The Beat’s Week in Photos from Social Media”; we’ll be rounding up all our photo content and posting it here in one place. 

Here’s the first round-up: 



From Milpitas’ Coffee With A Cop event at Peet’s Coffee.


POCAHONTAS at Community Center. ??


From the Veterans Day Ceremony outside City Hall ??


This photo was posted and shared on Facebook (on 11/14/18) by Jennifer Hidalgo Fuller. Here’s what she wrote:

These kind souls filled up three shopping carts and paid for our needs and toys for my children.

I am just in shock and awe of the kindness I have no words.

So much gratitude.

All I said was “thank you firefighters” as we passed them in the isles and they turned around and looked at us and asked if we lost our home…
I said yes we did…and they looked at my children and said:

“Well it’s your lucky day.
Let’s go to the toy isle and mom get what you all need.”


The kids are so happy and keep saying today is a good day….one of the best days of our lives they say!

These firefighters see people at the worst times of their lives, that’s part of their job…they too have hearts…the Milpitas Fire Department shared their kindness with us today and made my children so happy and they finally feel like things WILL BE OK.

We already are going through so much as is and then we lost our home.

It’s been one trauma after another with our family. There will be a light at the end of the tunnel.❤️

Thank you for your generosity!

In addition a gentleman stopped me in Walmart prior to this encounter with the firefighters…

I was looking haggard and distressed with my three kids.
I could barely talk because I lost my voice due to smoke and stress and he asked if we were from Paradise as well…

He gave me some cash and my children some cash for whatever they want?

So many generous kind souls out there.
So much love in the community right now?❤️
I will pay it forward when I can I promise!
Tears of gratitude!

—Jennifer Hidalgo Fuller




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