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Tuesday, October 3, 2023
SponsoredSuraj Viswanathan launches petition on Project HomeKey

Suraj Viswanathan launches petition on Project HomeKey

Council candidate Suraj Viswanathan has launched a Change.org petition regarding the Project HomeKey homeless housing project. The petition objects to the adoption of the project without public input and review.

The petition is as follows:

Project HomeKey is a $29 million housing project that seeks to convert an Extended Stay America hotel in Milpitas into 132 apartments for the homeless.

This project is being imposed on the people of Milpitas without their input and without public participation. A project of this size requires full transparency on the part of elected officials. It requires public hearings and the full involvement of local residents who will be impacted by this project.

While we all sympathize with the needs of our homeless brothers and sisters, we have grave concerns about the impact of this project on the local community and adjacent neighborhoods and think it requires more study. We are concerned about relocating individuals from outside our city here. We are concerned about those with criminal records or drug use. We are concerned

that homeless Milpitas families who work and study here are not getting any priority. We are concerned about the potential drain on public services and loss of hotel tax revenue at a time of falling city revenues.

The City of Milpitas and its residents must have a say in this matter. Adding potentially 264 new people to the area without a vetting process or even a discussion about the issue defies the principle of representative government.

The petition has already garnered over 1300 signatures in just two days. The petition may be found online at http://chng.it/KdNPwfnfCR

There will be a Protest Rally on Sunday 10/11 at 2 pm at Milpitas City Hall for all who are opposed to rushing this project without public review and input. 

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  1. Another sponsored meaningless post about a petition that has no legal standing from a candidate for councilmember who claims to be a CEO. He’s the CEO of his own cricket organization. No one cares about your cricket club, Suraj.

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