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Letters to the EditorSupporting public safety and funding our police

Supporting public safety and funding our police

Dear Editor:

I have made it clear during the course of this campaign that I take a back seat to no one in terms of my support for public safety, including our Milpitas police.

At a time when the police are under attack all across the country and officers are being injured and killed in the line of duty, I have steadfastly refused to support those calling for “defunding the police.”

Now, my words are being twisted by my opponents. For simply pointing out published crime statistics for Milpitas, I am accused of being opposed to the police!

To the contrary, my position is to help the police address our crime problems by giving them more flexibility to address hot spots in the way they deem necessary. I don’t want the Council micromanaging the police in a way that restricts their ability to protect the public.

My position is based on FUNDING the police, not DEFUNDING the police. Milpitas’ officers do an outstanding job and my objective is to make them better and stronger. Any suggestion to the contrary is propaganda aimed at misleading the voters of this city into supporting the Council incumbents.

If anyone would like to discuss this issue with me directly, please call 408-898-6537.

Respectfully submitted,

Suraj Viswanathan

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