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NewsHeadlinesSome residents express concern over proposed La Quinta Hotel in Milpitas

Some residents express concern over proposed La Quinta Hotel in Milpitas

A La Quinta Milpitas Hotel, proposed to be built at 1000 Jacklin Road, has caused a stir among city residents, as many are concerned about the project’s possible impacts.

The hotel is seeking to open right at the corner of Jacklin and Hillview, as a replacement to the fitness center. It is to stand 5 stories tall and contain 105 rooms. 

Word about the project has only gradually begun to circulate. Since the construction of the hotel wouldn’t call for any zoning changes, the City of Milpitas strictly notified those within 1,000 feet of the Jacklin location. 

Supporters of the hotel point to it as a source of City revenue, one that’s more desirable than other, potentially less reputable types of businesses. Among other things, opposers are concerned about losing their views of the hills, which in various cases inspired people to buy their homes in the first place. Nearby hiking trails could find their views obstructed, as well.

Milpitas resident Victor G. San Vicente suggested that a height reduction to 4 stories might ease some of the concerns. In the meantime, though, he pointed out that “It will increase traffic in the neighborhood because of the high schools” and “reduce parking in the neighborhood.”

On the positive end, San Vicente did cite the potential for “hotel tax dollars and more business to Milpitas.”

Parkash Daryani, who lives on De Anza Court, penned a letter laying out several strong concerns, chief among them the 20 hotels already operating in Milpitas. Daryani was also unhappy about the hotel site’s close proximity to Jacklin Commons Kindercare, which raises potential child safety issues. 

The La Quinta Milpitas Hotel project was set to go before the Planning Commission in November 13, but the item has since been pushed to the December 11 agenda.

A study has been done by LSA Associates, Inc. on the impacts of the hotel; also the current owner of the property has some information about the project that might assuage some concerns that residents currently have. Read that article here.


(Photo above is of the current vacant fitness center.) 





Eric Shapiro
Eric Shapiro
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