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ContributorSinnott Elementary's PTA Book Fair Sells 1,800 Books

Sinnott Elementary’s PTA Book Fair Sells 1,800 Books

Laurie Armino, Sinnott Principal
Photo by V. Kulkarni


Editor’s Note: We’d like to welcome our newest reporter and official PTA Liaison, Nerriza Besabe Manongdo. In an effort to inspire and support parent leaders in the meaningful work they do with Parent Teacher Associations (PTAs) across the Milpitas Unified School District, we’ll be featuring occasional stories on the PTA and their events. We hope these stories connect and unify all the schools in our district, while shining a light on all the work being done by those who serve through the PTA.  


John Sinnott Elementary PTA kicked off the 2018-2019 school year by encouraging reading among families and building classroom libraries with the annual Scholastic Book Fair. This year’s theme: The Enchanted Book Fair. The fair was led by Book Fair Chair and PTA Historian Theresa Chung. A five-day event, the fair launched on August 31st and ran through the week of back-to-school night. An ambitious initial goal of selling 1,500 books was exceeded, as they reached a whopping 1,800. Chung emphasized, “This would not be possible without all the dedicated parent volunteers, family, and school support.”

The fun and educational week of reading concluded with Milk and Cookies Story Time, a special book reading event with guest readers Mrs. Laurie Armino (Sinnott’s principal) and Mayor Rich Tran. Families, school staff, and Milpitas Unified School District (MUSD) Board Member Robert Jung all gathered for a bedtime story, complete with pajamas, blankets, and of course milk and cookies!

Sinnott PTA credits the following tips and tools for their successful book fair week:

  • Announce the book fair well in advance
  • Sign up plenty of parent volunteers 
  • Make the book fair accessible to the entire school community (i.e., open after school and on back-to-school night)
  • Utilize the online book fair
  • Station the book fair in a high-visibility area of the school
  • Let your book fair location be spacious and comfortable enough for family shopping
  • Implement reward activities such as a raffle
  • Create a family event such as Milk and Cookies and encourage both principal and student involvement
  • Encourage families to contribute to our children’s class libraries to expand the selection of books available for students


Milpitas High School volunteers supporting Sinnott PTA’s Milk and Cookies book reading event. Photo by V. Kulkarni
From left: Nicole Park, PTA President Mayor Rich Tran Theresa Chung, Book Fair Chair and PTA Historian Nerizza Manongdo, PTA Communications Chair Photo by V. Kulkarni
Mayor Rich Tran invites students forward to participate in his reading of Don’t Push the Button. Photo by V. Kulkarni
Sinnott Elementary 2018-2019 Annual Scholastic Book Fair Photo by N. Manongdo
Sinnott PTA encouraged the parent community to contribute to classroom libraries by creating a teacher wish list board. Expanding the classroom library may expand children’s reading ability. Photo by N. Manongdo



Photo credits:

Veronica Kulkarni, Sinnott PTA Special Needs Advocate

Nerizza Manongdo, PTA Communications Chair

PTA, or Parent Teacher Association, is a national program designed to support schools by funding programs and events not provided by the school district. The National PTA is an advocate for building student, teacher and family partnerships to make the school environment and educational experience better for every child.
We encourage the Milpitas parent community to become involved in their public school PTA. Attending association meetings is a great start in seeing all the ways PTA is supporting your school. Contact your local PTA today and ask how you can serve your school community. You can make a difference!


Nerizza Besabe Manongdo
Nerizza Besabe Manongdo
Nerizza is a parent and a PTA leader at John Sinnott Elementary. She previously held the position of President and continues her participation this year as Communications Chair. Outside of serving her school community, Nerizza is an eBook author and food writer.


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