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Sunday, December 10, 2023
CoronavirusSanta Clara County passes 100,000 COVID cases

Santa Clara County passes 100,000 COVID cases

This coming Sunday will mark the one-year anniversary of the day when the first-ever case of COVID-19 was diagnosed in Santa Clara County.

In the meantime, just yesterday, the county’s COVID case log topped 100,000 diagnoses.

Milpitas has logged 3,021 cases, or just shy of 4% of its population of 77,562. A full new percentage point of the city’s population has been logged as infected in the past three weeks, likely owing to a post-holiday viral surge. 

Countywide, approximately 5% of the population of 1,918,880 has been logged as infected. Nationwide, about 8% (25.8m) of the population of 328.2 million has been logged as infected. 

Vaccine efforts are underway despite limited supplies and a slow initial rollout. Officials have been promising rapid acceleration and expansion. To date, 185,535 Covid shots have been administered countywide, the vast majority (148,838) of which have been the first of the two doses required to complete a single person’s vaccination. Particular attention is being paid to people aged 75 and older, who constitute the most vulnerable population segment. 

In the past week, a drop-in vaccination site was opened at East San José’s Mexican Heritage Plaza by County partner Gardner Health Services, to provide shots to residents who are 65 or older. 

As of now, the County has established three mass vaccination sites and numerous clinics, including a mobile vaccine clinic that stops at nursing homes and similar facilities. 

In the coming week, more than 58,000 vaccination appointments are scheduled. 

Residents are encouraged to check with their healthcare providers as to vaccine availability. In the meantime, the standard modes of coronavirus prevention continue to apply: mask-wearing, hand-washing, social distancing, avoiding travel, and avoiding crowds.


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