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Revolutionary Manufacturing Company Relocating to Milpitas



At 1450 McCarthy Boulevard in Milpitas, on the 47-acre, 14-building, 600,000-square-foot Tasman Tech campus, Arevo, Inc., is soon to occupy a 21,010-square-foot space. Orchard Partners signed a lease with Arevo earlier this month, and interior improvements are being made before the premises are occupied.

The inside’s already undergone renovation, and boasts 10-foot-high ceilings and contemporary design elements. Outside, one encounters amenity spaces marked by eco-friendly landscaping and spacious areas in which to gather.

As stated on its website, Arevo “provides designers and manufacturers with unprecedented freedom to unlock the unparalleled strength and weight of composite materials for a wide range of consumer and industrial products.”

Arevo CEO Jim Miller put what the company does into everyday language: “We 3D print carbon fiber composites. Aerospace — planes are made out of composites. Sports equipment is made out of composites. Bikes are made out of composites. Robots are made out of composites. A lot of what you probably interact with…If it’s strong and lightweight, there’s a good chance that it’s composite material.”

The company is undergoing an expansion, and relocating to Tasman Tech from Santa Clara. The growing company, according to Xconomy, is within a pool of entities working “to transform 3D printing into a tool for mass manufacturing.”

As Miller explained, “The Milpitas office and facility allowed us to expand our operation. We’re looking forward to expanding production, hence we needed a bigger facility.”

Regarding Milpitas on the whole, he said, “It’s a central location to the Bay Area, obviously. Milpitas has become a bit of a tech hub. And let’s be candid; I’m a former Googler. And Google and Facebook and other companies have made Mountain View and Sunnyvale almost untouchable for any tech. So the Milpitas area and North Santa Clara and San Jose have become tech hubs.”

In other words, Miller added with a laugh, “They just made it too expensive for startups.”

Orchard Partners’ Managing Partner Mike Biggar was pleased to welcome Arevo to Tasman Tech’s tenant roster, while forecasting upcoming campus enhancements that include “on-site food offerings, a fitness center, and a bike-sharing program.”

More spaces remain available on the Tasman Tech campus, suited for single or multiple tenants, and ranging from 11,000 to 225,000 square feet.




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