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ElectionsQ&A with MUSD School Board candidate Suraj Viswanathan

Q&A with MUSD School Board candidate Suraj Viswanathan

Name: Suraj Viswanathan

Running for: Milpitas Unified School District (MUSD) Governing School Board Member

Why are you running?

I am running because I am committed to creating a public school environment that includes building a bridge of communication between parents, students, and teachers. This will provide the inclusivity of the diversity in our Milpitas families and parents who do not speak English very well. I want to bring taking action against cyberbullying to the forefront to get the conversation moving forward to alleviate peer pressure among young people. The pandemic has caused learning loss, so we need to work together to support the students who need additional help.

What’s the biggest problem facing MUSD schools right now? 

  • The ratio of students to the teacher in the classroom
  • Bullying (including Cyberbullying), mental health, and drug awareness programs
  • Unfinished learning due to the pandemic 

And how would you intend to solve it?

The solution involves working with school board officials, parents, and educators. Review what we have in place today and enhance the system to make it a safer environment for students and/or parents to report bullying. Educate and bring awareness on how students can protect themselves from cyberbullying.

Unfinished learning is now a problem to tackle because many students have fallen behind due to covid isolation, depression, and not having the tools and support to continue learning from home. We need to support these students by providing additional tutoring services.

What would your priorities be should you get elected?

  • Stop Bullying (including Cyberbullying) 
  • Physical Activity for students to support a healthy mind and body
  • Work experience and job training programs for MHS Juniors and Seniors
  • Culturally diverse art and music programs

What can you bring to the table that you feel no other candidate can bring?

I served on the Board Oversight Committee to ensure proper use of the money secured for MUSD through Measure A. I’ll lead from a deep well of experience and motivation, drawing on my intimate understanding of what it means to be an immigrant navigating a new culture and seeking acceptance. I will bring to the table my expertise as an engineer. I will approach a problem with thoughtfulness and provide solutions that support MUSD students, parents, and teachers.

What makes the MUSD community – leadership, staff, students, families – so exceptional?

I believe what makes MUSD staff exceptional is their commitment and passion for improving student outcomes and serving Milpitas’ diverse communities. 

Where do you see MUSD schools 10 years from now?

In 10 years, I see MUSD schools as one of the top 5 in the bay area. Leading in technology, education, sports, and social development of student’s emotional intelligence and awareness. We are a diverse community and will continue to provide a positive environment for students’ overall growth.

What do you think is the most exciting thing happening at MUSD right now? 

The Innovation Campus, because it is going to provide enhanced learning for Milpitas to accelerate their growth in many areas.

Who is your inspiration, and why?

I feel inspired by the teachers, students, and officials on the school board because I believe if we all continue to build bridges, we can be very dynamic in bringing new ideas and programs to MUSD. 

Can you tell us one interesting thing about yourself that other people don’t really know about? 

I am the author of a book entitled A Flight and A Ferrari, which was published in 2016. It’s an immigrant story.

What’s your favorite spot in Milpitas?

My favorite spot in Milpitas is Caesar Chavez Plaza, where many countries’ flags are raised to celebrate the different cultures we have in our city.

What do you love most about Milpitas?

I love the vibrant and diverse culture of Milpitas.



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