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ElectionsQ&A with Milpitas Mayoral candidate Voltaire Soriben Montemayor

Q&A with Milpitas Mayoral candidate Voltaire Soriben Montemayor

Name: Voltaire Soriben Montemayor    

Running for: Mayor of Milpitas   

Why are you running?

I believe I could serve better and widely in a key position. My care for the Milpitas community will be exemplified or simulated like my care for St. John the Baptist Church and the parishioners. I have had leadership in the organizations that I belong to. I will be ready to serve our city anytime day and night. We will then adapt, overcome somehow, and improve.

What is the biggest problem facing Milpitas right now, and how would you intend to solve it?

Homelessness was considered as one of the biggest in the last City Council Meeting. I was physically there. Rents and affordable housing is another one. I understand the coalition of the State, County, and Milpitas. We are the subordinate. It’s a debatable process and solution.  At least in my case, I talk to the homeless people and all are friendly and advisable.     

What would your priorities be should you get elected? 

Aside from the homelessness and rents and affordable housing, I will encourage the guardians and the city for combined efforts to pursue seriously on the education of the youth and even the adults, briefly emphasizing the importance of education. I will impart to all the students to be determined to graduate eventually.

What can you bring to the table that you feel no other candidate can bring?    

I have the diligence and quickness in the feasibility studies especially to resort to contingencies and/or alternatives of any plans and projects. I am an all-around leader; very close to a jack of all trades. I was a fieldwork leader, Special Disbursing Officer, aircraft pattern navigator, ocean mineral surveying trainee, fisherman, farmer and more. I’ve worked and studied internationally. I can team up really well with the city administration knowing well the previous and present administrations.

Where do you see Milpitas 10 years from now? 

Milpitas will shine. We will see a Milpitas framed name at the hills. We will have other resources of brackish waters, combined with prayers for the timely needed rain, beautiful estuaries, and more. We will have a World Champion Athlete at least, and we will regularly sponsor either or both the popularity and beauty contests among our international cultures and diversities. We will have a Town Fiesta and on the main designated path a parade. We will then see a progressive, safe place and happy residents.              

Who is your inspiration and why? 

The good progress of my campaign and everyone’s help is inspiring. I’ll mention my wife and my family. There are smiles and encouraging words among all the residents who we talked to.  I have more help to prepare and distribute flyers. I feel and observe timely guidance from above.

Can you tell us an interesting thing about yourself that other people don’t really know about?  

I am a Champion in many categories. I made, in the Philippines, the Chess Game Champion, among the scholars of the different nations when I was sent to Japan to study. I sing the Star Spangled Banner in a good, simple, original way. I’m good at most sports – bowling, basketball coaching and playing, and other extracurricular activities. I act like an ambassador of goodwill. I am a good adviser and a counselor.

What is your favorite spot in Milpitas? 

It is wherever and wherever I am lending a hand; at the Church where I help; at the City Hall when there are meetings like the Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources Commission (PRCRC) meeting; and in the City Council meeting, and more.

What do you think is the most exciting thing happening in Milpitas right now?  

In this coming election, we have the highest number of Mayoral candidates. We are all doing well. We respect each other. We will help each other for the good of Milpitas and for all after the election. The councilmember candidates’ chances to get elected are also exciting. I am always excited about my good, probable chance of getting elected too.

What do you love most about Milpitas?

I’m praying and hoping that in my 42 years of stay in Milpitas, I will eventually become a one- term elected mayor. I was a St. John church parishioner; I’ve been a choir member. As a Knights of Columbus member, I’ve been a Chancellor, Grand Knight, Deputy Grand Knight, and the Knight’s Community Director at present. I love being a Public Servant candidate, and more so will love to get elected as Mayor.





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