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ElectionsQ&A with Milpitas Mayoral candidate Anthony Phan

Q&A with Milpitas Mayoral candidate Anthony Phan

Name: Anthony Phan

(Currently serving as a Councilmember on the Milpitas City Council) 

Running for: Mayor of Milpitas

Why are you running? 

I love Milpitas. I’m proud to call Milpitas my home. It’s where I started my business and where my wife and I will soon start a family. I’m running for Mayor because this work is deeply personal to me and the stakes are too high for our future generations. Milpitas demands a leader who can turn bold vision into big action; a decisive leader fully committed to productive dialogue, planning and execution. I’m running for Mayor to lead Milpitas forward and restore confidence in what we can accomplish together.

What’s the biggest problem facing Milpitas right now? And how would you intend to solve it? 

The pandemic disruption combined with economic inflation has turned back the clock for far too many – widening inequalities for a generation of students, workers, and families, pushing people out of housing, depriving access to critical resources. As Mayor, I’ll expand access to diverse housing opportunities with increased resources to ensure every person has a roof over their heads. I’ll also personally prioritize implementing real solutions to finally address the homelessness crisis, with a real plan and real accountability.

What would your priorities be should you get elected? 

My plan is to strengthen our public safety services with resources for first responders to keep us safe; implement real transportation solutions with investments for critical infrastructure repairs and upgrades; and make Milpitas a more affordable place to live with expanded access to housing opportunities and resources for our most vulnerable communities.  

What can you bring to the table that you feel no other candidate can bring? 

I can bring hope. I’m an optimist, perhaps one of the few in government. But I’ve seen firsthand how we can redefine what is possible when we unite and come together. I believe in the power of Milpitas and what this great city has to offer, but now, more than ever, we need bold leadership and vision to confront unprecedented challenges. Committed to productive dialogue and collaboration, I can bring people together, bridge political divides, and finally end the era of dysfunctional government for the sake of our community.

Where do you see Milpitas 10 years from now? 

With the right leadership, planning, and implementation, Milpitas will earn its rightful place as a thriving hub of innovation and opportunity at the forefront of Silicon Valley. Still true to our core values, Milpitas will remain a diverse community with our historic identity preserved and engrained in our reimagined urban centers and revitalized corridors. A beautiful and exciting Main Street with thriving small businesses and platforms for arts, culture, and nightlife. A smarter city with advanced infrastructure improvements and expanded transportation systems, Milpitas will be a resilient community, one that is safer and stronger than ever before.

Who is your inspiration, and why? 

My mom is my inspiration because, to me, she embodies our version of the American Dream: the notion that every person who works hard to their full potential should have the opportunity to get ahead, no matter what you look like, where you came from, or what language you speak. That’s the creed that drove her as a single immigrant mother to work multiple jobs relentlessly – all to give her family a chance at a better life. That’s why my life’s work has always been rooted in a commitment to building equity and opportunity for every family. 

Can you tell us one interesting thing about yourself that other people don’t really know about? 

For the last time, I am not Assemblymember Alex Lee! I love the guy, he’s an amazing ally and exceptional leader, but please stop confusing us with each other. I don’t even think we look that much alike. I know we’re both Asian guys with similar haircuts, but he’s Alex and I’m Anthony!

What’s your favorite spot in Milpitas? 

Straw Hat Pizza Grille! Amazing food, exceptional service, and a great community partner to our youth and seniors.

What do you think is the most exciting thing happening in Milpitas right now? 

There’s so many opportunities on the horizon, but what I’m most excited about is our new Innovation District. It will be game-changing for Milpitas and will be the biggest catalyst for our long term economic vitality. Not only will we be able to attract major companies to invest in our city and create local jobs, we’ll also have the resources to upgrade our infrastructure, remove blight, and make our community a more attractive and sustainable place to live and work.

What do you love most about Milpitas?

I love how diverse our community is and how accepting we are of different cultures, traditions, and opinions. In an era where Americans have never been more divided at the national level, it is heartening to live in a community where neighbors can embrace each other, welcome our differences, and celebrate our cultures. 



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