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ElectionsQ&A with Milpitas City Council candidate Garry Barbadillo

Q&A with Milpitas City Council candidate Garry Barbadillo

Name: Garry Barbadillo

Running for: Milpitas City Council

Why are you running? 

It’s a basic reason – giving back to the community. I started my family to stability in Milpitas, and have raised two beautiful children who are both now in college. The community was my partner. It made my home and the streets safe, clean, and ideal for my family. Each family made it a better place to live. I want to be that adhesive to bind everyone, every family, for a stronger voice – a representative of the people to make decisions based on those voices.

What’s the biggest problem facing Milpitas right now? And how would you intend to solve it? 

Let’s call them issues and not as problems. 

  1. The odor problem by CA237. I would advocate for stronger air quality regulations and enforcements.
  2. Theft of packages and car break-ins. I would advocate for tighter neighborhood watch and police visibility. 
  3. Traffic near schools during drop off and pick up. I will initiate further studies and implementation of traffic calming measures and traffic safety devices (i.e. beacons, speed bumps, speed signs, etc.) 
  4. Responsible housing development. Condition of a certain percentage for affordability in high density housings, feasible circulation infrastructures and greener houses is what I will advocate for. 

What would your priorities be should you get elected? 

My priority is to make sure that our city is ready economically as it reopens after the 2-year hiatus because of covid. I’d revisit our financial policies and revenue sources, and make them sustainable. Public safety and city cleanliness are given priorities. I will make sure that peace and order is maintained by necessary fundings. Our seniors’ welfare is also on my shortlist. I would initiate more programs and policies to improve our seniors’ lives.  

What can you bring to the table that you feel no other candidate can bring? 

I believe that anybody who steps in to be a councilmember means well. But what separates well meant candidates are their actions, qualifications, public service experience, and heart. I believe that I do have the heart more among the other qualifications. 

Where do you see Milpitas 10 years from now? 

Change of leadership every election should not mean that the city should start all over again each time after the election. A good leader continues policies he/she steps into and has the continuity of progress, and won’t completely reverse prior council’s ideas because they are/were on the other side of the political fence. Leaders should work together for the community and base their decisions on what is good for the people. If we do this, 10 years from now (or even shorter), Milpitas will be the model city among the 15 cities in the county. 

Who is your inspiration, and why? 

My inspiration is my family, and that drives me to help each and every family in Milpitas to thrive.

Can you tell us one interesting thing about yourself that other people don’t really know about? 

Please refer to the MIlpitas Beat featured article “Garry Barbadillo is running for Milpitas City Council” on 5/11/2022. Eric Shapiro disclosed a lot. Additionally, I love to cook (less to say eat) and I go to the market myself for my ingredients. 

What’s your favorite spot in Milpitas? 

The Hillside is beautiful. I was part of the Council that initiated ballot measure J (extending until 2038 the expiring ordinance requiring voter approval for any proposed changes to the allowed land uses for Hillside property, thereby restricting development in these areas without a vote of the people) that eventually passed on the November 2016 elections. 

What do you think is the most exciting thing happening in Milpitas right now? 

MIlpitas is a thriving city. It was featured by Money magazine in 2014 as one of the best cities to live in the nation! Living up to that is the most exciting thing. It inspires the community and the leadership to be better. 

What do you love most about Milpitas?

It is a closely-knit and family-based city. With an area of 13.5 square miles, it is not unusual for one to bump into someone he/she knows! 




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