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SponsoredProp 16 will not eradicate racism

Prop 16 will not eradicate racism

The claims of systemic racial discrimination and white privilege are largely based on economic, and criminal justice inequality of different races. It has been particularly focused on Blacks, i.e., their condition over the past 50 years (since the passage of the 1968 Civil rights act). By comparing the status of Whites and some other races vs. Blacks on various economic, education, and crime statistics, conclusions are made that there is racism against Blacks. The underlying argument is that if a significant difference exists between the races on the measured parameters, then it must be due to racism – at least partially. However, in most of these studies, very little direct evidence of racial discrimination is presented. In certain cases, like Prop 16, the studies and the data presented are false or misrepresented. Nonetheless, the most emphatic explanation given to the innocent public by the experts, media, as well as many politicians is that the inequalities are due to systemic racism. Therefore, “Affirmative action” laws like Proposition 16 must be created to ensure a proportional economic outcomes for Blacks and Hispanics. Asians are excluded from the above as a group since, on their own, they have done well educationally, economically, and have the lowest crime-related statistic. So, their rise as a model minority is likely to start giving rise to an explanation called “Asian privilege.”

Asians come out ahead in high paying professional jobs (53%) vs. Whites (41%), Blacks (31%), and Hispanics (22%). The reasons for economic success for Asians likely lie in the high value they put in education. 49% of Asian parents with high school education only, sent their children through a college-level education, compared to 25% for Whites and 15% for Blacks. Asians have the highest high school and college graduation rate, and the lowest crime related issues. Still, it has been argued that Asians may have progressed due to reduced racism towards them, but not due to the value system of a “model minority”.

This disproportionate success for Asians, however, is now becoming a problem for the left-leaning politicians. They are crying foul that Blacks and Hispanics are being left behind. Equality of outcomes is their mantra now. It is being camouflaged as an equal opportunity! A new wave of proposed laws, e.g., Prop 16, and policies (e.g., Ivy school admissions policy that is being challenged in the supreme court) are being erected nationwide, where admissions to colleges like the UC system in California and Ivy League are being changed to effectively reduce Asian admissions. Many congressmen, like CA-17’s Ro Khanna, actively support such race-based changes where college admissions, jobs, and contracts must be allocated in proportion to the racial mix of populations.

In 2014, Ro Khanna signed a pledge not to support such laws. But, the left-leaning wave is too hard for him to resist. He now claims that Pro 16 will actually benefit the Asian community. Really! Truth is that the Asian community will be the most hurt community, as their kids will lose admissions to the UC system, and Ivy schools, in substantial numbers. Prop16 is endorsed by Ro Khanna, which will punish all Asian American children.



How American is Prop 16? The concept of hard work, fair competition, and deserved advancement regardless of the color of your skin is being thrown out in the name of racial justice – a really contorted thinking! How does injustice to one race – Asians – become social justice for another race? We must not believe the insensitive politicians like Ro Khanna, who falsely claim that Prop 16 will help Asians. They are totally disingenuous and morally corrupt. And they are lying to you on presenting wrong UC and Cal State college admissions data to further their nefarious left-leaning agenda. The latest UC admission numbers show that both Blacks (5% vs 6% population) and Hispanics (36% vs 38% population) received admissions very close to their racial mix in California. Actually, Hispanics exceeded their racial proportions in Cal State admissions.

Prop 16, the California ballot measure, will allow race-based state college admissions, public jobs, and contracts. If it passes, it would be the largest injustice imposed upon the Asians since the Chinese exclusion Act. This gross racial injustice to the Asian community will force about 60% of their children to give up going to the best UC campuses, and thereby give up hope for high paying jobs in high tech and medical fields. Admissions in Ivy League colleges are similarly being curtailed for Asians. Individual capabilities and hard work will not matter in the future, race will.

For Asians, the American dream will die if Prop 16 passes, and Political leaders like Ro Khanna gets elected again. Please oppose Prop 16 and Ro Khanna. Instead, vote for Ritesh Tandon who is a moderate candidate with innovative policies. He will ensure fair competition and merit-based admissions in our prestigious public schools.

Details: www.tandonforcongress.com

By Dr. Ravi Sethi, Chief Economic Advisor for Ritesh Tandon

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  1. It is true that Proposition 16 will not eradicate racism. But it is also true that Proposition 16 would not be needed if we had a level playing field. And we do not have a level playing field. As far as I know, America is not supposed to have a caste system. We need to give those who do not have sterling credentials a chance at a higher education at a good university [and sometimes preference for public and private contracts].


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