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ArtProduction of “The Little Mermaid” a smashing success

Production of “The Little Mermaid” a smashing success

The Milpitas Children’s Theater Alliance would like to acknowledge Director Mei-Wan Chai and all Center Stage
Performing Arts (CSPA) cast members and volunteers for their dedication and commitment to the Milpitas
Community Theater. During the second week of January, many community members anxiously gathered to enjoy a
production of “The Little Mermaid” performed by a double cast of 53 young people, ages 5 to 19.

In the 8 days leading up to the show, parent, community and teen volunteers invested approximately 90 hours collectively into
dressing room, concession stand, and stage setting duties and management to support the 10 shows presented over
the course of 4 days. Four of the performances were for local schools, with student attendance totaling
approximately 600, and 6 of the shows were put on for the community, with sold-out performances and
approximately 1,000 total audience members. Due to the community performances’ high popularity, additional
seating was added, yet still some theatergoers intending to purchase tickets at the door had to be turned away and
asked to return during later shows.

Cast members’ family and friends, as well as other families and residents looking
to enjoy a night out, were among the audience members. Mayor Tran and all City Council members, along with their
guests, were in attendance for the closing show. The production elicited laughter and amusement from its audiences
and was deemed successful.

Despite CSPA serving hundreds of community members and creating artistic opportunities in Performing Arts for
Milpitas youth, the program is currently under budget review. The Milpitas Children’s Theater Alliance asks
community members to show their support for the program by attending the City’s Preliminary Budget Study session
on January 28, 2020, at 5:30 pm.


Submitted by the Milpitas Children’s Theater Alliance


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