Privacy Policy

In the course of having visitors read our website and conducting business with our advertisers and patrons, our company may be exposed to or collect people’s IP addresses, first and last names, street addresses, email addresses, telephone numbers, and/or fax numbers. If we are compensated by way of a third-party transaction service, then that service may collect distinct information, including but not limited to credit card numbers and/or checking/savings account numbers in addition to the forms of information listed above, and will operate according to its own distinct privacy policy.

Beyond third-party transaction services whom our visitors or customers willingly utilize, no third party will ever, under any circumstances, be made aware of any personal information pertaining to our visitors or customers unless we are obligated to disclose the same by law. Our company bears no process by which visitors or customers can review or request changes to their personal information, as said information is not preserved by us in a fixed, visitor- or customer-accessible database of any form. In the event that our privacy policy changes, the date of the effective change will be made visible on our home page. This policy has been effective as of January 4, 2023.