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ContributorPodcast Interview with Visionary Leader Chester Ruiz on Immigration Reform and the...

Podcast Interview with Visionary Leader Chester Ruiz on Immigration Reform and the Bay Area’s Invisible Workforce that is Migrant Skilled Labor

Today on the Bay Area Beat we’ll talk about jobs, opportunity and the invisible workforce that is migrant skilled labor. This latest episode features Chester Ruiz, who has a long history of migrant advocacy dating back to his work alongside Ceasar Chavez; we’ll also delve into how those rights are still in jeopardy.


Learn more about Senate bill SB-1159, which our guest draws attention to here.

And learn more about the amazing community service in professional development Chester Ruiz is doing here.

Photo Courtesy of Chester Ruiz. It’s taken at the 1971 Lettuce Boycott in Denver, Colorado; Ruiz is featured in the photo with Jane Fonda.


About Chester Ruiz

 As the beneficiary of his parents’ hard work which insured he had a part ofthe American Dream, Chester’s legacy is to empower immigrants to attain it. As the Midwest Boycott Coordinator, headquartered in Chicago, he walked shoulder to shoulder with Cesar Chavez in the 1960s. He has dedicated his life’s work of advocacy to creating-opportunity and solutions so that his children and their children’s children and all can participate in the American Dream as he did. He is a proven leader adept at bringing “communities” together and building organizations from the ground up. Chester was instrumental helping build the largest trade organization of its kind, the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals (NAHREP) which has over 30,000 members nationwide and 70 chapters. Today he is the Emeritus Director for NAHREP of Silicon Valley.  As a passionate and visionary leader Chester is widely respected and known as a “Trusted Advisor” to multicultural communities.

Adam Mendoza
Adam Mendoza
Adam Mendoza is a freelance writer for national and local publications. Originally from Los Angeles CA, he studied Journalism at San Jose State from 1982-1986. Adam’s career has taken him from promotional products and merchandising professional to managing retail operations in Hawaii for nearly 10 years. Over the past few years Adam has been a staunch advocate for promoting student achievement in education and training for the inbound college experience. Recently, he has been working with educators and recruitment professionals featuring high achieving youth in lower economic and at risk areas in a positive and empowering light through various media platforms. His work with Inspire Higher and College Declaration Days has led him down a path seeking stories of inspiration and hope, determination and achievement. Adam also lends his talents to Ad copy-writing, and is a Vocalist performing with various acts in the San Jose Bay Area, as well as a Radio Voice Over Talent. He also finds time to work at Trader Joe’s, an environment he really believes in. He especially enjoys lending his customer service experience and mentoring talents with his fellow crewmembers in Los Gatos CA.


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