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2020 Election SeriesPete McHugh bows out of Milpitas Mayoral Race

Pete McHugh bows out of Milpitas Mayoral Race

In a Milpitas mayoral election plot twist, former 5-time Mayor of Milpitas Pete McHugh has bowed out of the race, setting incumbent Mayor Rich Tran on a path to winning his third term in a race solely against retired geologist Voltaire Montemayor, whom he handily defeated in 2018.

Said McHugh in a statement, “It is with regret that I am announcing the suspension of my campaign for Mayor of Milpitas.

“Over my many years of public service, Milpitas has been my home, its people my inspiration, and they need and deserve a Mayor who can focus full-time on needed solutions during these challenging times. After deep reflection, it is clear that while my heart remains fully committed to our community, the arduous task of governing must be left to others.

“While our campaign was off to a strong start, with volunteers, successful fundraising and a growing list of endorsers including former Mayors Henry Manayan and Jose Esteves, I have made this decision for some very personal reasons.

“Rest assured that I will continue to speak out when appropriate in an effort to make our city and our community better. Gail and I are not going away, but the burden of full-time public service is not a commitment that we can make at this time.”

Per Milpitas election rules, mayors can only serve 3 consecutive terms before vacating the post, but after a term away they can then run again. Tran’s political career began with a City Council run in 2014. When it wasn’t successful, he dug his heels in for the subsequent 2016 and 2018 mayoral races, securing comfortable victories both times.

This season, the math and the record see Tran heading toward a landslide win.



Eric Shapiro
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