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Outdoor Dining Program kicks off in Milpitas

When the shelter-in-place order in Santa Clara County was revised on June 5, it allowed for restaurants to start offering outdoor dining. 

Accordingly, The City of Milpitas has created an Outdoor Dining Program that will temporarily allow restaurants to “create or expand outdoor dining areas consistent with the current Santa Clara County Shelter-in-Place Order…” 

In order to be considered, restaurant owners or managers must submit an application to the City—before setting up any outdoor tables or seating. 

“This applies to restaurants that are adding new outdoor seating as well as those that already had outdoor seating. The guidelines apply to all outdoor seating so that they are aware of the requirements for social distancing, ADA access, proper licensing for alcoholic beverage service, etc.,” wrote Planning Director Ned Thomas in an email. 

In creating a temporary outdoor dining area, restaurants may set up tables and chairs on sidewalks or patios in the front or on the sides of their location. Even parking spaces can be used for outdoor dining, so long as barriers are placed around them to ensure the safety of those dining outdoors.  

Up to six patrons are allowed per table, and patrons are only permitted to dine with those who live in their household, per the County order. Also, restaurant tables must be distanced at least six feet apart. 

There is no fee for a restaurant to register for outdoor dining. Also, the Planning Department is making the process a priority so that local restaurants can start offering outdoor dining as soon as they’re ready to. Same-day approval is a possibility for most applicants. 

The Beat has received a list (see below) of restaurants that the City has already approved for outdoor dining—one which they anticipate will grow each day…

Some restaurants, like Big Al’s and Girogio’s, have already begun outdoor dining, but others, though approved for it, are still trying to work out the logistics. 

For example, owner Marie Wang of Sweethoney Dessert got approved to start up outdoor dining, but is still determining how exactly to go about it.  

“We applied for outdoor dining, and now we’re trying to figure out how to make it work,” said Wang. “We still have a lot of questions. I’m concerned about the customers and wondering if they are willing to sit outside,” said Wang. She’s also trying to determine if she should rent new tables, as her indoor tables are too heavy to drag outdoors. 

If you’re considering going to a restaurant for outdoor dining, be sure to call ahead and check to see if they offer it first. 

And here’s the City’s current list of approved restaurants for outdoor dining:  


Sweethoney Dessert 

Phone : 408-428-9355 

Address: 288 Barber Ct 


Giorgio’s Italian Food and Pizzeria 


Address: 643 E. Calaveras Blvd. 


Red Chillies 

Phone: 408-418-4778 

Address: 167 S. Main Street 



 Phone: 408-649-3616 

 Address: 138 S MAIN STREET 



 Phone: 408-935-9500 

 Address: 752 E. Calaveras Blvd. 


Truong Thanh Restaurant 

Phone: 408-383-0886 

Address: 680 Barber Lane 


Dakao Sandwiches Milpitas 

Phone: 408-946-3668 

Address: 72 S. Abel Street 


Big Al’s 

Phone:  669-271-0011 

Address: 27 Ranch Drive 


Chez Christina 

Phone: 408-263-2220 

Address: 1339 Jacklin Road


The outdoor dining application and more info can be found here. 

Anyone with questions can reach out to: 



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Rhoda Shapiro
Rhoda Shapiro
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