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Letters to the EditorOpen letter: Shocked by City Councilmember's unprofessional and unfounded claim

Open letter: Shocked by City Councilmember’s unprofessional and unfounded claim

Mr. Bob Nuñez,

Watching the City Council meeting on September 15, 2020, I was taken back and appalled that someone as seasoned as you, Mr. Nuñez, would spread gossip like an immature 12-year-old child. By your own admission, Mr. Nuñez, you knew you were spreading gossip.

You have been in the business of public communication for a long time and are a very savvy communicator. This was a rookie comment, but it was not a rookie error.

For the Mayor and every other Council Member: Mr. Nuñez needs to be publicly sanctioned. If he is not, I would suggest the voting public vote against anyone running for re-election to this body of Government. Mr. Nuñez’ comment put the safety of Milpitas citizens at risk – especially during these tumultuous times!

Mr. Nuñez, your seeming lack of professionalism and your complete disregard for the truth and another’s reputation seem intentional. At the very least, any leader should first put the safety of the community first. Especially in today’s world with COVID, fires destroying homes, serious numbers in job loss, and so much racial unrest. You could have easily sparked an attack or violence in our City.

So, what was your real intention with your Facebook comments and your pseudo-apology?  

One last comment: In 35 years of living in Milpitas, I believe Public Comment in front of any City body has always required the speaker to identify themselves by their real name and address or at least City of residence. I have always been required to state my name, address, and city.

So, Who changed that rule and When was it changed? Seems like one more divisive move by our Council.

I am disgusted and embarrassed by the public behavior and immaturity of our City leaders.



Barb Martens





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