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New Taqueria soon to open as part of The Best Sandwiches in Milpitas

Next Friday, September 25, a new taqueria is launching in Milpitas, with daily hours of between 4 and 9pm. The taqueria will be in The Best Sandwiches (187 S. Main Street, Milpitas), the new restaurant formerly known as Sealink Cafe.

Also, customers are now able to put in orders for a special roasted chicken meal. Along with takeout, outdoor dining will be available to diners.

Said Marielena Enriquez, Master Chef at The Best Sandwiches and its upcoming taqueria, “The roasted chicken recipe is my mom’s recipe from her restaurant in Mexico. The last time I saw my mom, she said, ‘Bring me a piece of paper and pencil because I want to give you a recipe of what I’m selling at my restaurant. Because I feel that one day you will need it.’”

Enriquez went on to share, “The restaurant of my mom’s was one of the best restaurants in Guadalajara. She was selling roasted chicken.”

She then explained the deep connection between her vocation and her family history: “Like my daughters are always with me, I was always with my mom in the restaurant and would watch her working hard…I was growing up and she had the restaurant for as long as I remember…The most popular dish was her chicken. She would make it with charcoal…”

Though Enriquez’s mom passed away 15 years ago, Enriquez keeps her memory alive through her cooking.

The complete chicken dinner has to be ordered one day in advance, and costs $45.99. You can reach out to Enriquez at 408-493-6383 to place an order. 

Here’s a photo of the chicken dinner:

Go to their website to learn more here.

And here’s a peek at the Taqueria menu…


Rhoda Shapiro & Eric Shapiro
Rhoda Shapiro & Eric Shapiro
Rhoda and Eric Shapiro are the editors of The Milpitas Beat.



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