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Saturday, September 23, 2023
NewsHeadlinesNew express lanes open on Route 237

New express lanes open on Route 237

In an effort to ease Silicon Valley’s notoriously congested traffic, new express lanes have been added to State Route 237. The new lanes total 7 miles and took 20 months to build.

As of today, November 15, commuters will find the new express lanes extending in a westward direction to Sunnyvale’s Mathilda Avenue. Back in March, 2012, the initial phase of express lane additions, complete with the 880/237 connector, commenced by Milpitas’ Dixon Landing Road. It’s estimated that those lanes have shaved between 7 and 20 minutes off people’s commutes.

Consistent with prevailing Bay Area express lane rules, the new 237 express lanes will open at 5AM and remain so ‘til 8PM. Within that time frame, only drivers with FasTrak transponders will be able to travel in the fast lanes (a practice already established in Contra Costa County). Carpoolers, motorcyclists, and clean air cars are not exempt from the transponder requirement. Those who violate the penalty will be billed for the regular toll cost plus a penalty by mail. 

After 8PM and before 5AM, regular drivers can make use of the express lanes.

Regarding clean air vehicle (CAV) drivers: They will be subject to an express lane payment requirement, and get 50% off the regular toll cost. Qualifying for the discount will call for registering their cars on Fastrak’s site (https://www.bayareafastrak.org/) and then verifying their CAV usage, after which they will receive a special transponder.




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