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Monday, September 25, 2023
City CouncilMilpitas puts $1.28 million in federal funding toward residents most impacted by...

Milpitas puts $1.28 million in federal funding toward residents most impacted by COVID

The federal Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program has provided grant funding to the City of Milpitas, to the tune of $1,282,240.

At this past Tuesday’s Milpitas City Council meeting, the council moved to allocate the fresh funds toward COVID-19-related services. 

CDBG is an extension of HUD, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, and invests in public services in cities and counties across America by way of grants. The funds get piped toward low-income residents. 

Twenty-one grants, ranging from $5,000 to more than $300,000, will be directed toward local non-profits partnered with the City of Milpitas, per the latest Annual Action Plans. The funds will result in capital projects, COVID-19-related services, and general public services. Rent relief will benefit. Displaced citizens will benefit. Seniors will receive improved access to technology, to allay any sense of social isolation. Shelters will receive meals. Special needs residents will gain support. COVID-19-impacted residents will receive counseling. And Milpitas Unified School District (MUSD) students shall gain the continued benefits of their domestic violence prevention education. 

In addition, funds will go toward court-appointed special advocates in support of foster children, housing assistance for disabled residents, and housing assistance, legal assistance, and long-term care ombudsman support for seniors. Services related to fair housing and tenant-landlord dispute resolution will benefit, as well. 

Said Mayor Rich Tran in a statement from the City, “A lot of our residents are hurting right now and turning to our non-profit partners for assistance. They need relief and they need it now. I am very pleased that through CDBG funds, we can help our City navigate through the recovery process. These grants will help rebuild our communities and support Milpitas families.”

A noteworthy increase in funding was funneled toward repairs for emergency shelters, sexual assault prevention education, and crisis counseling, all of which are geared toward reducing domestic violence.

Said Vice Mayor Montano in the statement, “I know that our city and many in our community continue to suffer the devastating economic impacts caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. But I am very optimistic that the lifeline we are able to offer residents through the Federal Community Development Block Grant program will offer some relief and economic assistance for residents impacted by this terrible disease.”


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