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SponsoredMilpitas needs to embrace “old school values” again

Milpitas needs to embrace “old school values” again

This is a sponsored post. 

Our city needs to go back to “old school values.”

Remember when our youth had something fun to look forward to, like Cal Skate? We need to get a Cal Skate 2.0 going.

What about the simple, yet powerful act of connecting with one another. We must find ways to nurture those connections and bring our community together.

I believe that the police need to feel empowered to do their job to the full extent of the law. The Milpitas Fire Department should have the resources and training they need to be the best they can be, when responding to a call. Safety is a priority for all Milpitas residents.  First responders have our back.

There should also be equality in terms of how our roads and streets look in all neighborhoods. Let’s build a city where people feel it’s an actual destination, and not just a “drive-through city.” Let’s work to nurture a colorful and lively Main Street. Economic growth is essential for our evolving city.

We also need to work with and educate the unhoused on the resources that are available to them.

I feel that if you’re in a leadership role, you should have emotional intelligence to work with one another. Agree to disagree. Move forward and show executive team spirit to the community.

These are some of the ideas that I would bring, should I get elected to the Milpitas City Council.

I have an understanding of the diversity we have in Silicon Valley and Milpitas, because I’ve coordinated and managed global corporate functions. To me, diversity means having an extended family. I know I can be a great asset to the City of Milpitas. Milpitas families are my priority. I believe that there should be Unity in Community.

I’m an energetic and natural leader with a high degree of emotional intelligence; one who generates creative ideas, collaborates, and strategically partners with extended teams to achieve results. I know how to nurture relationships to drive productivity.

I will stand up for Milpitas Families and make them the priority, as well as add to the Leadership of the office. I’ll bring a much-needed mindset of team spirit and collaboration on the City Council.

Together, we can improve and prosper.


Juliette Gomez

Milpitas City Council Candidate

Paid for by Gomez For City Council 2022



  1. That is a long list of laudable goals with which most everyone in Milpitas would agree. But, if we have not achieved those goals yet, what policy and funding changes are you proposing to achieve them? My experience of most elected representatives is that minor changes in policies that only nibble around the edges of problems is the norm. That won’t cut it for our housing unaffordability and traffic congestion problems. Will you press the Council to support Assembly Bill 1400, the California Guaranteed Health Care for All Act (CalCare), which would guarantee comprehensive, high-quality health care to all California residents as a human right? Do you support Alex Lee’s AB 387 which would establish Social Housing to provide affordable housing for all Californians? How about pushing back against Wall Street and foreign investors that are buying up our housing and driving up prices? Here’s some background: https://hartmannreport.com/p/wall-streets-barrons-are-causing
    Billionaires and their corporations are spending $9.3 billion to influence this 2022 federal midterm election; that, and Republican rejection of 2020 election results, causes me to think our democracy could easily flip into a fascist dictatorship. Instant Runoff Voting (IRV, or ranked choice voting) makes it more difficult to install some extremist into office. Do you support IRV? How about publicly-funded campaigns?
    Most of us want our government to improve the lives of people. That happens through policy choices. What are your choices?

  2. Hartmann again. His successful indoctrination of you is obvious. You really should get your *facts* from various sources instead of only one souce of obviously biased *opinions*.


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