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CrimeMilpitas Man Barricades Himself in Apartment After Committing Knife Attack

Milpitas Man Barricades Himself in Apartment After Committing Knife Attack

Last night, while most of Milpitas was asleep, Milpitas Police Officers found themselves in a standoff with a middle-aged man who had barricaded himself inside his home. Prior to doing so, he allegedly attacked a woman with a kitchen knife. The suspect’s name is Titans Quang Ho, a 49-year-old Milpitas resident. 

This happened close to 23 N. Temple Drive, on East Calaveras’s 1600 block. The suspect’s apartment manager said his behavior had been erratic prior to the incident. At 20 to midnight, the man went outside with a big knife and attacked the woman, whom he did not know. She sustained no major injuries, and only hurt herself while falling in the course of getting away.

While fleeing, Ho waved the knife at some bystanders. The man then went back to his Temple Drive apartment and set up the barricade. When police and SWAT showed up, they cleared the building of everyone else, then went into hours of negotiation with the suspect. Over the course of nearly four hours, the Hostage Negotiation Team and SWAT Team worked to get Ho to come out and surrender. 

Finally, at around 3:30AM, the police used flash-bang grenades to put an end to the standoff. They arrested Ho without further incident, and booked him into the Santa Clara County Main Jail. The charges: assault with a deadly weapon, brandishing a weapon (3 counts), and resisting, obstructing, or delaying an officer.


Eric Shapiro
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