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Milpitas Library now offering “Library of Things”

The Milpitas Library is now the site of a pilot program launched by The Santa Clara County Library District (SCCLD) called The Library of Things. 

The idea behind The Library of Things is that it offers borrowers a chance to bring home items other than books, such as kitchen equipment, health and wellness aids, and cool stuff for use by children. All SCCLD library card holders can borrow every “Thing” available in the library.

In a SCCLD press release, Milpitas Community Librarian Kelly McKean said, “The Library of Things allows patrons to discover new tools and devices to help them learn, create and connect. Perhaps you only want to try something once, or you want to try something before you buy, these Things can save you money and space.”

County Librarian Jennifer Weeks added in the release, “The ‘Library of Things/Lending Library’ concept has grown in popularity throughout the U.S. Milpitas Library is spearheading this new effort as part of our strategic plan which allows us to explore the feasibility of this special lending library at one location before possible expansion.”

Patrons can bring home popular picks like hot pots, Go Pro 11s, birdwatching kits, sewing kits, and even music-making kits. As community needs shift and evolve, the items on offer will be subject to updates.

Patrons looking to borrow “Things” can check them out from the Milpitas Library for as long as three weeks, but only take one at a time. Notably, the Things cannot be subject to holds, sent to other libraries, or subject to renewal. If you want to find out what’s available to borrow, you can look at the SCCLD website or walk into the Milpitas Library lobby and check out a display station. Those who check out things must be 18 years old or older, and will be asked to sign a lending agreement. When you return Things, you must bring them up to the Milpitas Library Accounts Desk.

More info on the Library of Things is available at SCCLD’s website: sccld.org/things. Many of the individual Things that are available to library patrons can be seen by visiting these booklists.

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