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Milpitas Home to Thriving Nonprofit Community


Jennifer Torai, Director of Training and Leadership at Silicon Valley Council of Nonprofits, at a recent nonprofit mixer.


When you think of nonprofits, what do you think of? Most of us think of a group making a difference in our community. And that’s exactly what nonprofits do. They can be large or small, but they generally provide a public benefit and help individuals, families, and communities through their work.

Milpitas is home to a thriving nonprofit community. Hundreds of nonprofits within the city provide a range of services from animal shelters, to health care clinics, to programs for homeless families, to childcare and daycare for seniors. These nonprofits help to drive the Milpitas economy and touch the lives of tens of thousands of residents every day.

The Silicon Valley Council of Nonprofits (SVCN) was founded 20 years ago to support local nonprofits, including those located in Milpitas. With a strong concentration on health and human services, SVCN champions the work of over 200 nonprofits based in Silicon Valley. One of the key ways SVCN supports nonprofits is through its training program. Trainings are provided on issues critical to the nonprofit sector, including budgeting and fundraising, leadership and board development, data literacy and outcomes, advocacy, and communications.

“The goal of our training program is to build the capacity and strength of nonprofits,” said Jennifer Torai, Director of Training and Leadership at Silicon Valley Council of Nonprofits. “Strong nonprofits result in the delivery of more stable and effective services, which in turn results in communities that are healthy and thrive.”

SVCN will be kicking off a series of trainings in Milpitas this fall. The trainings will be held at the Milpitas Sobrato Center for Nonprofits, which is home to 41 nonprofits operating in the city. Trainings are open to all nonprofits, with SVCN members receiving a discounted fee. The first Milpitas-based training will focus on “Networking & Advocacy: Network to Support Your Mission” and will be held on November 13 from 9:00 AM to 11:00. To register for this training or learn about other trainings, visit: www.SVCN.org. SVCN is also interested in hearing ideas on training topics from the nonprofit community. Have an idea that you think would be of value? Contact Jennifer at JennT@svcn.org or 669-272-8101.  

As the holiday season approaches, SVCN is aware that many people are inspired to reach out and donate to those in need. Keep your eye out for SVCN’s annual Giving Guide in late November, which will provide information on SVCN’s member agencies, sorting them by category. For donors looking to support an organization or issue that inspires them personally, the Giving Guide can be a tremendous help.


Article by Jennifer Van Every, The Van Every Group, currently a Consultant with the Silicon Valley Council of Nonprofits.

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