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Milpitas High School students push forward with Jack Emery Food Drive

Since November 16, Milpitas High School students have been running a Jack Emery Food Drive. As of now, 2 days remain on which people can drop off cans or contribute monetary donations.

All canned goods and monetary donations will go directly to the Milpitas Food Pantry. The remaining dropoff dates and hours are as follows:


Saturday, 12/5: 12PM to 5PM

Wednesday, 12/9: 12PM to 5PM

Location: Milpitas High School parking lot


And here’s a list of items that they’re accepting.

Jerell Maneja, who’s taught at MHS for the past 8 years and has served as their Activities Director for the past 2, wrote to The Beat in an email, “The Jack Emery drive brings in more than 100,000 cans each year, and provides more than 50% of the total donations that the Milpitas Food Pantry receives in a calendar year.” 

This year, of course, has brought about historical differences in the form of the COVID-19 pandemic, to the point where the food drive’s fate for 2020 was at first uncertain. Wrote Maneja, “The students and I recognize that COVID-19 has presented significant hardships for Milpitas families and has created a higher demand for the MFP’s services. In September, we had to make a decision on whether we would move forward on the Jack Emery drive, and every student government representative believed that this drive was necessary.”

On a related note, Maneja was sure to extend praise directly to those very students: “ASB President Lladro Valle (12th-grader) oversees all district-wide and community operations, including the kick-off brunch and reached out to community members, while ASB Vice President Kelly Nguyen is coordinating the drive for Milpitas High School. The goals, collection process, volunteers, publicity, and incentives are all because of the work of the MHS Student Government, and I am privileged to be their advisor this year to see their amazing work.”

Those who either can’t make it to the MHS parking lot on 12/5 or 12/9 or would prefer to give monetary donations can do so here.


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