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Saturday, September 23, 2023
CoronavirusMilpitas COVID-19 case total passes 200

Milpitas COVID-19 case total passes 200

According to Santa Clara County’s COVID-19 data dashboard, Milpitas has by now had 202 confirmed novel coronavirus infections.

The dashboard does not display the amount of deaths per city or zip code, nor the amount of cases that have ended in recovery.

The population of Milpitas is 77,562 people. This means that less than ⅓ of 1% of Milpitas residents are confirmed as having been infected, although that number is likely to be deceptively low since many people who carry COVID-19 have no symptoms and thus never get tested.

Countywide, 8,719 cases have been confirmed, 183 of which have resulted in death. This means that less than 2.5% of Santa Clara County’s confirmed COVID-19 cases have emerged here in Milpitas.

The City of Milpitas was proactive early on in regard to mandating public mask-wearing, with the City Council voting unanimously to enforce mask use before any other city in the county. The resulting law remains in effect.

Statewide, coronavirus cases now number in excess of 425,000, making California the U.S. state with the most infections. Twice this past week, California saw record daily totals of over 12,000 newly logged cases.

Whereas the volume of testing in Santa Clara County has continuously increased, experts warn against attributing rising case numbers to increased testing, as the former is not proportional to the latter. 

Health officials agree that the coronavirus pandemic is unlikely to end before a vaccine is discovered and widely distributed, which per optimistic estimates could happen some months into 2021. Multiple vaccines around the world are in or progressing toward human trials, along with a variety of other forms of treatment.

In the meantime, health experts continue to urge consistent social distancing, hand washing, mask wearing, and sheltering in place.



Eric Shapiro
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  1. On testing. The time a nasal swab is taken grow long does a tester have to get the resuls of that test before it considered no longer good or expired? I ask this question because of the increase of testings how much can a tester do in a day? We all know its hard just 1 person to do several hundreds a day. How many testers needed to do hundreds of thousands a day? I think that testers dont finish all the tests that were given in a day and continues on th e next day. Which affects the outcome of the test. Meaning that the virus can die out and results can fome.bac negative if not done in a certain time frame the swab was taken.people need to calm down and not act like people did in the begging o g this when they hoarded toilet paper sanitizers disinfectants etc. Stay calm. Overwhelming th eae testers with so many to do is not helping anyone and might end up getting a false result. And that’s not good for anyone.

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