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Monday, April 19, 2021
Sponsored Milpitas Council candidate Suraj Viswanathan provides "full transparency" in campaign

Milpitas Council candidate Suraj Viswanathan provides “full transparency” in campaign

Milpitas Council candidate releases information on Court records

Milpitas City Council candidate Suraj Viswanathan is offering “full transparency” in his campaign prior to the November election.

“As other candidates have been recently victimized by character assassination, I too have been subjected to unjustified ‘whispering campaigns’ on social media in which certain individuals have tried to reveal court records that involved relatively routine business disputes years ago. I hope those who are responsible for these attacks will offer to have themselves investigated as well.”

“As I have nothing to hide and every court record has a perfectly sound explanation, I agreed to discuss each of these records with a reporter from The Milpitas Beat.”

Suraj said that he will not speculate as to whether certain members of the Council are orchestrating these “ugly attacks” but voters “can draw their own conclusions” over the events of recent days. “I can just say that the two newcomers, Mrs. Chua and myself seem to have been targeted. This needs to stop now.”


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  1. Well where are these routine court records? Let me say I have heard of a contractor who told me this fellow negotiates in bad faith contracts. But anyway, lets see his sponsored offerings!

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