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City CouncilMilpitas City Council creates priority list for 2022

Milpitas City Council creates priority list for 2022

2022 will be a busy year for the Milpitas City Council.

With over 60 possible agenda items planned for the year, the Council needed a way to decide what should be prioritized. This idea of prioritization started back in January of 2021, when the City staff was asked to bring forth item requests to Council for consideration.

After reviewing almost 100 items, Council organized the items into four groups.

Group one items are in need of additional resources and require more than four hours of the staff’s time; these items are what Council is asked to prioritize out of all the groups. Group one items are also separated into three sub-groups: Ordinances and Policies, Projects and Programs, and Miscellaneous.

Group two items are in need of additional resources but require less than four hours of the staff’s time.

Group three items are already underway. Finally, group four items have been either completed or postponed.

Due to group one being the most prioritized, Council was tasked with taking a vote on the 35 items in the Group and further prioritizing them in a list of 10 items.

The vote was taken through the Council’s mobile devices on January 11, 2022.

All of the items that received three or more votes were to be put on the prioritization list.

However, after round one there were only three items put on the list.

Due to there not being a top 10, Council moved on to round two. In round two, Council was once again tasked with voting for up to 10 items; all items not on the prioritization list were showcased. From round two, one item was added to the list. For round three, items that were not voted on by anybody and thus had zero votes were dropped.

In the end, it took seven rounds to get to a top 10 list.

The item with the most votes (a total of five), was a recreation item to put forth Park Champions. With Park Champions in place, City staff will be able to have two volunteers in each Milpitas park, there to report any non-emergency issues through the MyMilpitas App.

Two items also received more votes than average (both with a total of four). One of these items was to create a referral for new building limits around the Milpitas hillside or have plans to enhance the current restrictions that have already been put in place. The other item was for an outdoor Music Ordinance for Milpitas businesses. The Council plans to research other cities to see what the general criteria is for regulating outdoor music for businesses.

The rest of the items, all with three votes, include: a summer roller skate program, donating old items from the fire department, murals for pillars on Main Street, a bust of Maria Lemery and a picture of Albert Vicak, Sr., on the Senior Center Thriving Legacy Mural, a Saturday Senior Center opening hours pilot, appreciation gifts for city commissioners, and increasing the number of commission members on Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Resources from seven to nine.

With these items, Council hopes to bring forth further innovation and continue to improve our city throughout the year and beyond.

Maria Denise Cuenca
Maria Denise Cuenca
Maria Denise Cuenca is a Senior at Milpitas Middle College High School. As part of the inaugural class, she’s the editor for the student newspaper, the Stepping Stone, and works concurrently as the President of the school’s She’s the First Chapter, an organization that supports girl-centered programs throughout the world. As a writer for the Milpitas Beat, she has the opportunity to write about issues relating to homelessness, local politics, and women’s rights. For over a year, she’s been a proud intern for Camp ButterFLY, where she organizes meetings, designs flyers, and does marketing for the organization to further their mission of teaching women to be leaders and find a path towards a career. During her free time, she enjoys watching shows on Netflix and reading the news.


  1. Judging by the items listed in this article, the Milpitas City Council doesn’t understand how desperate is our Climate Crisis. They are not alone in their denial. Time to reverse the Crisis has nearly run out. Where are the big, bold changes we need?

    • For those who worship at the alter of anthropogenic climate change, unless you get China and India to reduce their emissions, anything the USA does will be like trying to bail out the Titanic with a shot glass and unnecessarily suppress our economy.

      • Don, are you saying that the US should continue Turmp’s policy of doing nothing about our Climate Crisis?
        The fact that you think that China and India are the problem makes me think you missed the data that shows Americans produce 2X the per-capita emissions of Chinese, and 8X the per-capita emissions of Indians.
        Your statement that reducing our emissions will “suppress our economy” also runs counter to the many studies that show investments in renewable energy stimulates the economy.

  2. Are you kidding me, a roller skate program! What about fixing the decaying streets in Milpitas. Where are the millions of increased gas tax money that we pay at the pump going? It sure is not fixing the streets.

  3. I fully agree with Tom Warney. What about our infrastructure and repairing the heavily trafficked streets of Milpitas, Yellowstone Ave in particular. With the school traffic and park activities, our car tires grind over cracks, fissurres, and small (for now) potholes the whole length of the street. ALSO, the water and sewage rates are outrageous due to accommodating the unneeded multi-residential “tenement halls” taking over the city, adding to the traffic woes. I’ve lived in this city for 45 years, and now it takes me 30 minutes drive from Landess to 237 entrance, as compared to 10 minutes (depending on lights) in the recent past. Word to the Council – GET YOUR PRIORITIES STRAIGHT!!

  4. What about the affordable housing crisis? Let’s ignore the big. real problems and focus instead on things like roller rinks. For goodness sake!


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