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Meet Milpitas-based Photographer John Vu

How long have you been a photographer? 

I’ve been a photographer for 6 years now. I learned photography from my uncle on my dad’s side; he used to be a professional photographer. I’ve always had a focus on providing clients with the best quality I can. My photography started off with me capturing candid moments at family events that my uncle was asked to photograph. It slowly evolved over time to capture a vast variety of photography genres — portraits, baptisms, engagements, weddings, anniversaries, real estate, and headshots.

What do you love most about photography? 

What I love most about photography is that I get to be around to capture special moments, either candid or posed. Also, to be able to see the client’s reaction to the photographs they’ve received.

What was your most memorable photography experience? 

For me, my memorable photography experience was seeing my cousin’s reaction to my perspective on their wedding day. Plus, my uncle, who is my original mentor, saying my work is going to be great and telling me that I’ve captured the essence of candid moments.

What or who would you love to photograph one day? 

In terms of what I would love to photograph one day, it would be a candid moment of someone getting engaged…like an engagement proposal. Because lately, it’s been me recreating that moment in an engagement photography shoot.

What’s the most challenging thing about photography? 

The most challenging things about photography would definitely be the lighting and children that are younger than teenagers. Other than that, I already have my photography angles set and have gotten my camera settings dialed in my head for any type of photography work.

Tell us about the team you work with! 

The team that I work with is known as Team SpadeCity. The Team is within the Bay Area. Team SpadeCity focuses on satisfying the clients with quality service. We focus on best utilizing the clients’ time and the quality they shall receive during the shoot and after when they received their final images or videos.  

Our brand is broken down into two words. The first word spade represents the idea of a “cosmic” tree of life. For us, it’s about living an intellectual way of life. The second is city, which is in reference to “The City/San Francisco (S.F.).” S.F. is iconic to the Bay Area because it includes iconic structures such as the Golden Gate Bridge and the Palace of Fine Arts. Because we’re a Bay Area-based team, by having the title incorporated into our name, it helps to remind us of our origins.

Any future plans?

In terms of future plans, I recently officially launched a videography side. I am building it up to where I am with photography. For photography, it’s all about gaining and attracting clients to the quality that I offer; for videography, it’s about slowly making quality videos and offering them to a variety of clients.

Team SpadeCity  website: spadecity.com

Team SpadeCity  Facebook Page: SpadeCity

Team SpadeCity Instagram page: @teamspadecity

Team SpadeCity Email: teamspadecity@yahoo.com

To connect with John Vu:

Phone #: 408-463-8405

Instagram Page: @jvspadecity

Email: jvspadecity@gmail.com





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