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ArtMan and Fire

Man and Fire

Under the colorful evening sun,

peace and rest at home,

the man seeks refuge and solace,

when the hustle of the day is gone.


Gusty winds outside howl,

shaking the trees as darkness falls.

When the last lingering rays of the sun fades 

from afar he hears the hoot of the owl.


The ferocious wind brings on

the smell of smoke and soot.

He sees the glow of fire from the hills

where the sun went down.


The fire engulfs the hills, the houses, the town

All is ablaze, the sound of sirens warn him

It’s time to leave and leave all behind.

Tides of flames dancing along the sky are coming down.


Red-tiled roofs collapse, the walls crumble,

in the town he lived,

in the town he loved.

Homes of dreams and memories turn into ashes and rubble.

At times nature claims back what it has offered.

Out of all sorrows, misery and distress,

With human spirit, drive and resolve

his town will rise again from the ashes and prosper.


Massoud Arefi 




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