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Letters to the EditorLetter to the Editor: Park to be Named after Larry Itliong Already...

Letter to the Editor: Park to be Named after Larry Itliong Already Approved

Dear Editor:

It has come to my attention that a member of the Milpitas City Council has been stating on social media that they are going to name a park after Larry Itliong. He was the Filipino organizer for the United Farm Workers (UFW) in Delano, CA, during the grape strikes of the 1960s, along with Cesar Chavez.

It appears that the councilmember didn’t know that the Milpitas City Council had already approved the motion to do so, made by former Vice Mayor Carmen Montano. 

This was recommended by the Park and Facilities naming subcommittee, who were then Vice Mayor Carmen Montano and Councilmember Marsha Grilli, back in 2016.

The Filipino community, under the leadership of Mayor Jose Esteves, has known for years that this project was in the pipeline.  

Development projects that have been in the pipeline take years to come to fruition. The new park is currently being built and projected to be completed next year.  

The city will keep the community posted as to when the dedication ceremony will take place.


Thank you, 

Councilmember (and former Vice Mayor) Carmen Montano







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