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ContributorLetter to the Editor: Milpitas will make its own decisions about dealing...

Letter to the Editor: Milpitas will make its own decisions about dealing with homelessness

Dear Editor:
We love Milpitas. We will not be bullied into submission by tyrannical Orwellian Politicians who do not have our best interests at heart.
Most of us who live in Milpitas do so because we love Milpitas. We decide for ourselves what we want for our City. We rejected the Casino, we rejected Cannabis storefronts. We as a community will make our own decision on how we will deal with our Milpitas homeless. We love our teachers; we love our schools because we think we have one of the best education systems in the entire State. We love our parks and recreation. We love everything about Milpitas. We love, respect, and support our local Fire and Police Department, because they make us one of the safest cities to live in the entire nation.
One thing we will not do is be subjected to the Will of an autocratic, dictatorial, self-admitted adulterer Governor. We reject the Extended Stay homeless Homekey project. We love Milpitas and we are Milpitas STRONG!
Victor G. San Vicente
Concerned Private Citizen


  1. I wonder how many Milpitas citizens oppose this housing for the homeless? Is it just a relatively small group of loud citizens and a silent neutral majority?

  2. I wonder if it’s just a rather small, loud group of Milpitas citizens who oppose this project, as well as the other initiatives?

  3. Noise made by those who tend to quickly stereotype, are for solving a major crisis but just not in their own backyard. This is being played out with hypocrites being exposed. If the state and county have procedures to not house the segment of homeless population that are addicts till they go through rehab, then what’s the real problem? It’s stereotyping at the core of it all. They don’t care to provide even basic shelter to those who have none. Let alone lift them out of their poverty through education and job opportunities.

  4. My wife and I love Milpitas and have raised all four of our children here. I think, no I am sure the Governor is right. We should embrace the conversion of the Extended Stay hotel into housing for the homeless. This housing is the right thing to do for our community that we all love so much.

    Our schools are great and there are students that go to our schools that are homeless. It is short sighted to push the homeless problem away from our community. The problem is here to stay. The Extended Stay project is a step in the right direction. We support the County and the State in trying to make this happen. We are saddened and very disappointed that there seems to be di many cold hearted people living here in our community. We expected more backbone from our City Council and Mayor.

    Concerned and Caring Mipitss Rrdident,
    Mike Mendizabal


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