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Letters to the EditorLetter to the Editor: Mayor Tran not qualified to lecture on mental...

Letter to the Editor: Mayor Tran not qualified to lecture on mental health

Dear Editor:

I listened in on the Milpitas City Council Special Meeting yesterday regarding homelessness issues. I found one aspect remarkable. I listened to a bellicose lecture delivered by Mr Tran, during the course of which he cites his qualifications for such a lecture as a “higher education “ ( theoretically, although not stated) in a field to Social Services, and experience as a “mental health practitioner “. During this lengthy pompous lecture he cites a number of mental health conditions that anyone who watches the evening news could cite.

Mr Tran fails to answer the more obvious questions. Any expert, invited to give an informative lecture, cites not only their education in the field, but also, they enumerate their specific experience and the years of experience in the field of discussion. As to the obvious questions? What is the related subject of his “higher education “? How many years (if any) did he serve as a “mental health practitioner “? And the most obvious and most pertinent question, as a relatively young man ( as that relates to a career) why is he not working in the field in which he acquired his “higher education “?

I acquired a “higher education “ in the field of Law Enforcement. Why? I did it because that is the field of public service that I intended to spend my career. I served for 30 years and honorably retired from that service.

Did Mr Tran “retire” from his service as a “mental health practitioner “?

Was his severance of his service in that field honorable? He doesn’t say!
I find that omission of details interesting and revealing!

I suggest that qualifications cited for his lecture are equivalent to asking your local PG&E meter reader to deliver a lecture on The National Power Grid and it’s relationship to forest fires!

The next time our honorable City Council needs information on any subject they should seek out a qualified source!

Dennis Grilli

Milpitas Resident



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