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Letters to the EditorLetter to the Editor: In Michigan shooting, is prosecution of a child...

Letter to the Editor: In Michigan shooting, is prosecution of a child the best choice?

Dear Editor:

It is gut wrenching to hear of a teen that is pushed to a breaking point where that teen becomes a shooter.

Is prosecution of a child the best choice? Don’t get me wrong: it is a horrific, horrible act that shatters communities. An act that is becoming all too common.

The news reports on these teens like they are criminals.

Maybe the question that should be first and foremost is…what happened to that CHILD to push him to such a point?

Understanding what brings a teen to the point of taking lives is the only key to stopping future attacks.

How did our country get to the point of man prison for a child?

It is a known fact that the human brain is not fully capable of understanding consequences until 25 years or older.

A teen has only a tiny window of life experience.  Experiences that are still 90 percent controlled by adults.

What happens to a young person that pushes them to a point of a shooting of any kind?

There is a widespread belief that an “epidemic” of psychiatric medications is causing an “epidemic” of violence, particularly in students.

It is known that most schools do a terrible job at stopping bullies. That uncontrolled access to the internet, or anything really, is unhealthy. But we, the “adults,” continue to allow these things.

What happened to that poor child that pushed him to such a horrific act?

Barb Martens
Milpitas California


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