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Letters to the EditorLetter to the Editor: Disappointed in the Dixon Landing name change

Letter to the Editor: Disappointed in the Dixon Landing name change

Dear Editor,

I was shocked to learn that three councilmembers — Bob Nuñez, Anthony Phan, and Karina Dominguez — felt the best use of city time and money spent is to rename part of Dixon Landing Road to Barack Obama Blvd.  What the heck are they thinking of — or are they really thinking? As Mayor Rich Tran has pointed out and as I agree with, we have local Milpitas people who have made a difference for our city that deserve this honor.  Former President Obama did not live or work here in Milpitas. We do not owe him the honor you are wanting to bestow upon him, when a local person, like Ben Gross, would be a better person to be honored.  

If the three councilmembers are hell-bent on spending Milpitians’ tax money on a street name change, let it be for a former Milpitian, who made an impact on and a change for the better in our city.  Trust me, there will be plenty of circumstances where former President Obama will be honored.

We don’t have to do this to gain some “false” sense of international standing, as Bob Nuñez has indicated as one of his reasons.  What we need is our councilmembers focusing their time and attention on matters that concern the residents of Milpitas. 

I am so disappointed in Nuñez, Dominguez, and already had been in Phan, who pulled a most nasty stunt during the previous mayoral election. I know three councilmembers who won’t be getting my vote when they next run for reelection. I hope that these three councilmembers will take a deep breath and rethink their decision and vote.  Dixon Landing Road has a history behind it, due to the contributions that Matthew Dixon provided to Milpitas back in 1861. The residents and the city deserve better than this.  


Kathy Littleton

Admire Court




  1. Kathy,

    You really think Gross St sounds better than Barack Obama Blvd? You act like this is the only name change ever in the history of Milpitas. I guess you have a problem with George Washington drive? Abraham Lincoln avenue? Or would you prefer Donald Chump circle? The fact that the council members are honoring one of our greatest presidents, is a good thing. Doesn’t mean that they can’t name other streets in honor of Milpitas residents-just means Dixon landing road is changing. But don’t worry, take a quick drive to Fremont and you will still see your beloved Dixon landing road.

  2. Next election do not vote for: Bob Nuñez, Anthony Phan, and Karina Dominguez. Does the council not have real work to do but spend time to come with a this frivolous and costly name change?


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