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Letters to the EditorLetter to the Editor: Councilmember Phan purchased a domain under my name

Letter to the Editor: Councilmember Phan purchased a domain under my name

Dear Editor:

My name is Carmen Montano. I am a public servant, currently serving as Vice Mayor in Milpitas.

I am running for Mayor of Milpitas this year 2022 and have an established website since 2021.

I  was recently informed by several residents that Milpitas Councilmember Anthony Phan has “purchased” a domain under my name  ”carmenmontano.com” to deceive the public.  When the public does a public search to reach out to me, it goes directly to Anthony Phan’s website instead of carmenmontano4mayor.com.

This behavior is unethical, intrusive, and evasive. There is no “reasonable” purpose for this  “Identity Theft”.  My name is my identity! My person! My being!

I am a public servant and conduct myself in a mature and professional manner over 15 plus years of public office.

I have never seen or experienced such an invasive intrusion in my life as a citizen and servant of the people of Milpitas.

Numerous citizens have expressed to me what chicanery and unethical thing to do to anyone, especially since Anthony Phan serves the public as a Milpitas City councilmember!


Carmen Montano

Vice Mayor of Milpitas



  1. Wow, that is a lot of outrage over a reasonable political tactic. If the Vice Mayor did not lock down that URL by buying it herself, then it is fair game for anyone else to purchase. So far, nothing has been posted there. If that remains the case, then this outrage could be seen as political theater designed to promote her name before the upcoming election.
    If Council member Phan posts something that is not true, then I will join in objecting. The other possibility, telling the truth, brings to mind that classic Harry Truman line spoken when others would say, “hey, you’re giving ’em hell, aren’t ya’ Harry? And he says, “No, I’m just telling the truth and it feels like hell.”.

  2. Anthony Phan is a joke. Has anyone ever tried to get an answer from him. Takes like 5 minutes for him to get a sentence out. When did Milpitas politics get so dirty. Anthony Phan is making Trump proud.

  3. I have seen Milpitas Councilmember Anthony Phan pull some real doozies from wasting council and public time at public council meetings to openly flirting with high school girls (before covid), to being completely unprepared for every single Council meeting (on going) and not ever being able to answer a single direct question without rambling and babbling.
    Now he uses another Council members name to trick the public into donating money to him. Does he not have any ethics? Is there nothing the other council members can do to sanctions him?

    I have known Mr. Means for a long time and was appalled by his comment that it “was a reasonable political tactic” to trick the public in order to steal donations.

    It is unfortunately true that politicians should secure every possible URL that remotely reflect their name or platform.

    When Anthony used a URL to dupe the public it was just one more thing that shows he has NO ethics and will go to any length to get what he wants.

    I am sick of self serving unethical politicians that are bringing this town and our Country to its knees.

    Barb Martens

    • Ms. Martens, by the time I read the Beat article and checked the website, it had been changed to an IONOS landing page that says “not yet connected to a website.” Only after that did I become aware of the previous re-direct. If the site re-directs to Phan’s donate page again, that seems a bad use of the URL. If the site legitimately criticizes Ms. Montano and you have Mr. Phan, then that is a reasonable use of the site.

    • Wow, someone seems to have hacked The Milpitas Beat system. I did not post the above at 5:56 am because, like most people, I was sleeping. I don’t know who is impersonating me, but I hope The Beat will look into the matter. I can be reached at 408.262.0420 if you want to confirm my identity.
      I have heard that foreign bad actors are starting to use the hacked identities of real people to spread divisive and untrue memes in an effort to disrupt and poison public discourse as they promote fascist activities (like the Trucker Tantrum). While I don’t think this hack against me comes from a foreign agent, it bothers me even more that someone in my community would believe that the end justifies the means.

  4. From what I see at council meetings a vote for you is basically a vote for Tran who has termed out but as desperately trying to stay relevant.
    Tell me one thing or thought you have had or done completely on your own in the last year. One vote that was different from Tran. On anything. At all.

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