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Letters to the EditorLetter to the Editor: Proposed hotel on Jacklin-Hillview

Letter to the Editor: Proposed hotel on Jacklin-Hillview

Dear Editor:


My dental office for the past 29 years has been located next to the former racquetball courts/gymnasium that was proposed to be redeveloped into a La Quinta hotel. The City Council turned it down because of vocal opposition from the surrounding neighborhood.  This may prove to be very short-sighted, as the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions will not allow this property to be used as a gym.  It will sit vacant for the foreseeable future, and as the attached photos show, a magnet for graffiti and deterioration.  I think the hotel would have been a big improvement to the area as compared to the outdated, decaying property that sits vacant now.


Charles H. Margiotta, D.D.S.



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  1. It is really a shame that neither the Planning Commission nor the City Council voted on the FAR and alcohol request and instead allowed emotion to vote on the proposed hotel project.

  2. Conrad. See my post a few issues back about the strange vote of the council on La Quinta motel. You get what you vote for but must vote wisely not for nothing- burgers


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