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Letters to the EditorLetter: Requesting facts & evidence from Carmen Montano

Letter: Requesting facts & evidence from Carmen Montano

Milpitas Residents,

My mother always told me it was rude to call someone a liar, unless you can back it up with facts and evidence.  If you can’t do that then don’t make that kind of strong statement.

Straight out of High School, I joined the United States Air Force, where our core values are: Service Before Self, Integrity, and Excellence in all we do.  When I see a person that is supposed to be serving their community, acting without integrity, and engaging in self preservation, I have no choice but to say something. To report it to the proper authorities, and speak out as often as possible.

I want to address some comments from Carmen Montano, and answer some of her questions that I am sure she meant to remain rhetorical.

She has stated it must be one of her competitors that has put me up to this. 100% untrue.  The reason she can’t openly say who she thinks I am working with is because it’s no one.  I took this task to hold her accountable on my own. It’s actually insulting that she thinks an average person can’t put 2 and 2 together and see that something doesn’t make sense.

Carmen, you can’t be in two different places at the same time, that’s how easy it is to see through your lies on your 2020 Form 700.  You say you were visiting a school, while pictures show you at an International Trade Fair during the exact same time from multiple sources and first hand accounts.  Should we believe what you say or what we see?  I’m originally from the Show Me State, so you know which one I put faith in.

Carmen wants the people of Milpitas to believe these allegations are unfounded and not true. If they aren’t true why did I submit the complaint as a “Sworn Complaint”, meaning I filed the complaint under oath? If I were found to be making this up I could be held under the penalty of perjury with potential jail time or fines, I have put my finances and freedom on the line to report these illegal actions. Why would I risk that unless it was true? Plus I  had to provide evidence; evidence that was obviously compelling enough to open investigations into her action; compelling enough evidence that the district attorney was already paying attention before I contacted them.

Unfortunately Carmen knows that FPPC cases can take years. All she has to do is wait because nothing is going to be settled before the election.  She can remain silent and hope the interest in her committing perjury passes. I say if she wants this to go away sooner, then provide proof that I am lying.

I am publicly challenging Vice Mayor Carmen Montano to provide proof against the allegations of her committing perjury and knowingly lying on her financial form 700.

The truth is she can’t. She is going to say things like “ I can’t talk about that because of the open FPPC Investigation” which is not true. The FPPC investigation is not a criminal investigation; she can speak about it, provide counter evidence, anything she wants.  There is only one reason why she won’t provide any evidence…because she doesn’t have any; she did what she is being accused of.

Carmen, I’ve provided evidence. Where is yours? I’ve told the truth. You’ve been caught in lie after lie.

Like I have been saying for the last couple of months, Milpitas deserves better.



Milpitas Resident, Christopher Martin



  1. President Bill Clinton had a consensual sexual relationship with a woman not his wife. Then he lied about it. He got nailed on the lie.
    As is often the case, the coverup is worse than the crime.

  2. Didn’t you say, “it was rude to call someone a liar, unless you can back it up with facts and evidence.” You’re making all the accusations and calling her a liar without showing us any proof of your allegations. To quote your mother, “How rude!” and libelous if untrue! Just because you say it doesn’t make it so. You said it, now show us the evidence. Put up or………

    • Donald, Feel free to read the other articles that list all the evidence, and shows it. I’ve shown her form 700 that says she went to china to tour schools, yet I have pictures of her attending the trade fair instead. I have screenshots from other people that were there that mentions Carmen’s attendance or they have pictures posted with her. There is no mention of a school tour. Donald do your research, read the articles by The Milpitas Beat, The Mercury News, and the San Jose Spotlight that all lay out the evidence. Please be informed.

      • “Feel free to read the other articles that list all the evidence”. I’m not doing your homework for you. You claim you have it, so post the proof for all Milpitians to judge her, and you. From the OP on her, everything the Post said she did , including the trade fair, looked work related to me and something I’m willing to let my taxes pay for. It may be your *opinion* that not everything she did was in strict compliance with *your* definitions of what she was there for. But to me, building relationships, networking, seeing what other industries have to offer that may be able to be adapted for educational purposes (at a minimum, hers), etc. is part of her continued growth. It happens beyond a single convention. I applaud her taking the opportunities to expand her knowledge instead of sitting in her hotel room worrying about what you might think.

        BTW, I’m not going to respond to your request to carry on a private conversation with you bec this matter is of interest to the community. As I said, Milpitans will judge her and you.

        • If you read the other articles, that show the evidence, I am the one who provided the evidence. So it’s actually me doing the home work for you. The issue is she falsified federal documents, with made up information, to A.) Cover up the fact she illegally Accepted $3,600 in travel gifts. B.) Concealed the real reason she was there and who paid for it.
          Not to mention when you falsify the documents she falsified it is perjury as stated on the form. Perjury is a felony. The reality is some.people will put their head in the sand, and defend wrong doers or ignore the corruption. Go along.to get along. I guess ignorance is bliss.

          • Again, without evidence supporting your claims, they’re nothing more than words on a computer screen. All you’ve given so far are just opinions with no facts. You have no credibility until you show proof of what you say. Just because you say it doesn’t make it so. “Show me the money!”

    • Ah yes, the obligatory personal attack. I’m not doing your homework for you. You make a claim, back it up or your word is meaningless.


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