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Letters to the EditorLetter: An-Jan Feed and Pet Supply will be missed

Letter: An-Jan Feed and Pet Supply will be missed

Dear Editor,

An-Jan Feed and Pet Supply will be sorely missed.
An-Jan has been my family’s go-to since 1984 when I moved to Milpitas.
We have used their vet services, and bought all of our cat, dog, bird, and lizard supplies from there over the years.
Aaron has been at An-Jan as long as I can remember. He has always been friendly,  professional, and knowledgeable concerning our needs…even the time our newly acquired dragon lizard and the crickets we fed him were covered with ants one morning! He knew exactly what we needed to do to prevent another episode. Whew!
An-Jan and Aaron are synonymous.
An-Jan Feed and Pet Supply will be sorely missed.
We wish Aaron the absolute best!
Any employer would be lucky to have you!
Barb Martens
Milpitas Resident


  1. Before An-Jan, it was Milpitas Western and before that was the Rondorosa Saddlery on Dempsey Road and Rondorosa Ranch (horse boarding) in the hills overlooking Ed Levin Park. In 1977 Rondo’s next door neighbor asked him for “first right of refusal” should he ever wish to sell the saddlery. Rondo agreed and they shook hands on it. A couple of years later, Rondo told the neighbor he was buying a travel trailer / campground in Jackson Hole, WY and they again shook hands to confirm the purchase but agreed to keep quiet about it until the deal was consummated.
    Once it was made public, another person who had his heart set on buying it was so devastated that he rented the former Cracolice Drug Store in Sal Cracolici’s building on Main St. and opened what he called Milpitas Western. After a few years of two stores in a town that couldn’t support two stores, the A&J Saddlery (formerly Rondorosa Saddlery) faced severe rent increases and went out of business. It was then that An-Jan came along and bought Milpitas Western.

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