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Saturday, September 30, 2023
City CouncilJuliette Gomez announces candidacy for Milpitas City Council

Juliette Gomez announces candidacy for Milpitas City Council

Juliette Gomez, who sits on the Board of the Milpitas Chamber of Commerce, has announced her candidacy for Milpitas City Council.

Gomez has lived in Milpitas for 28 years, and has worked as an executive coordinator for Silicon Valley technology company Executives for over 30. She has also worked as an advisor for The @ Company (info@atsign.com), a start-up that allows people to own and control their data. She is a proud mother and grandmother, and a recipient of an award from the Milpitas School Board as well as a Commendation from the City of Milpitas.

Residents know Gomez not just from the Chamber, but also from the City’s Economic Development and Trade Commission, where she has held a seat for the past 3 years. 

She has also worked to organize and provide mentoring sessions for high school students, and has delivered the closing remarks for the fifth annual Manufacturing Day program. Gomez also spent years serving as a team mom for Milpitas Youth Sports. 

A first-generation U.S. citizen, Gomez is the daughter of two immigrants from Mexico who are now U.S. citizens. Gomez’s childhood involved much time in the fields, picking strawberries and apricots. 

In a release, Gomez outlined the following specific goals: 


—Let’s FUND the Police and Fire personnel and equipment to ensure we are safe when crime hits, when fires start, or any natural disaster.

—Milpitas Families: Engage the family unit in more community-inspired events.

—Milpitas Beautification for Family & Community Outings, business growth, a place to enjoy a safe and clean atmosphere….”Stroll Milpitas.” Let’s do this.

—Business Economic Development: Businesses are key to the growth of our community. We value our business owners. Let’s promote and buy from our Milpitas families who invest their time and dollars to have a business in our town.

—Transportation and Traffic Mitigation: Meeting of the minds to brainstorm and implement innovative ways to meet the traffic challenges we all experience, and support & address road safety in our family neighborhoods around schools.


In an interview with The Beat, Gomez said, “My main goal is to review what is currently pending, get acclimated, and see what changes can be made to use taxpayers’ money wisely, safer community for the residents, and review what I can do to help business in Milpitas.”

Eric Shapiro
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