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Friday, December 8, 2023
ContributorHow to Live Consciously: A Podcast Interview with Taraneh Sarrafzadeh and Kat...

How to Live Consciously: A Podcast Interview with Taraneh Sarrafzadeh and Kat Da Silva from Conscious San Jose

In this week’s edition of Bay Area Beat, we bring you the story of Conscious San Jose and the movement to bring healthy and conscious lifestyle practices to those in at risk areas in San Jose. Thank you Taraneh Sarrafzadeh from Be The Change Yoga and Kat Da Silva from Root2Rise Yoga for taking the time to talk to us about these exciting events you are putting on and the wonderful work you are doing in the community.  Conscious San Jose is presenting free yoga and workshops Monday thru Friday at noon at Ceasar Chavez Plaza in Downtown San Jose. 

You can learn more about their big Festival September 21st at: http://conscioussanjose.org

Thanks again to Be The Change Yoga: https://btcwellness.org/

And Root2Rise Yoga: www.r2ryoga.com

If you have any comments or questions about the podcast, please feel free to send them here: news@milpitasbeat.com


For the last 4 years, Taraneh Sarrafzadeh has served as the owner and director of Be the Change Yoga & Wellness (BTC), a donation-¬based yoga studio in San Jose, which seeks to make yoga & wellness accessible & inclusive. Beyond studio classes, BTC’s non-profit outreach brings accessible community wellness programs to public spaces such as parks, as well as trauma-informed yoga to underrepresented young people in San Jose. Raised all over the Bay, Taraneh’s mother migrated from Philippines at 14 and her father from Iran at 20, giving Taraneh the gift of adaptability as her experience places her on a bridge of many identities. Taraneh calls upon her unique experiences and identities to carry compassion forth in her work to teach practices of healing & transformation.
From her studio classes, corporate offerings, private instruction, to community classes serving young people in a variety of contexts, Taraneh seeks to respond to the space she enters by offering thoughtful classes that respond to the needs of the group she is working with. In Rev. Angel Kyodo Williams’ words, Taraneh believes “Without inner change there can be no outer change. Without collective change, no change matters.”


Kat Da Silva is a purpose-driven mom, Conscious Parent coach, yoga & mindfulness teacher, community activist, festival organizer, and personal empowerment advocate living in the heart of tech in San Jose, CA with her quirky, high-spirited, athletic, and comedic 12 year old son. She balances her corporate day job and parenting life as she creates her long-time dream of a parent coaching practice and owning her time and life completely. Check her out at r2ryoga.com, on Facebook, or Instagram.

Adam Mendoza
Adam Mendoza is a freelance writer for national and local publications. Originally from Los Angeles CA, he studied Journalism at San Jose State from 1982-1986. Adam’s career has taken him from promotional products and merchandising professional to managing retail operations in Hawaii for nearly 10 years. Over the past few years Adam has been a staunch advocate for promoting student achievement in education and training for the inbound college experience. Recently, he has been working with educators and recruitment professionals featuring high achieving youth in lower economic and at risk areas in a positive and empowering light through various media platforms. His work with Inspire Higher and College Declaration Days has led him down a path seeking stories of inspiration and hope, determination and achievement. Adam also lends his talents to Ad copy-writing, and is a Vocalist performing with various acts in the San Jose Bay Area, as well as a Radio Voice Over Talent. He also finds time to work at Trader Joe’s, an environment he really believes in. He especially enjoys lending his customer service experience and mentoring talents with his fellow crewmembers in Los Gatos CA.


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