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Himalayan Salt & Wellness

Himalayan salt, also known as pink salt, has taken the world by storm – and not without good reason. Over the last few years, Himalayan salt has been recognized as a safe and effective alternative therapy for disorders such as asthma, as well as psychological distress. The evidence in support of the use of Himalayan salt in wellness is strong.

Indonesia’s first and only certified salt therapy clinic suggested that the natural absorbing abilities of Himalayan salt are anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antihistamine. Moreover, these properties are healing, and have the ability to strengthen the immune systems and affect the overall well being of human beings.

The formation of great salt mines occurs as a result of the movement of tectonic plates. Salt that is initially trapped in a shallow inland sea for centuries becomes dehydrated and is buried over time deep inside the earth. This results in the formation of thick, mineral-rich salt deposits that we find in mines. Himalayan salt is mined almost exclusively at Khewra, which is situated in the foothills of the salt range hill system in the province of Punjab in Pakistan.

What is it about salt that makes it such an effective treatment? Though there is still some work to be done to understand the exact mechanisms at play, much of the research points toward the negative ions present in salt. Sodium chloride is made from positive sodium ions bonded to negative chloride ions. These negative chloride ions have been the subject of debate among scientists. Proponents of the negative ion pathway argue that salt therapy works by clearing the airway to the lungs, and in so doing, killing germs such as bacteria, viruses, pollen, etc. In effect, the inhalation of negative ions enables optimal oxygen levels throughout the body.

It has been well established that the optimal amount of oxygen normalizes brain functioning, resulting in relaxation, calmness, and better sleep. It can be concluded that by clearing our air pathways, negative ions from salt can serve to increase overall wellbeing, strengthen the immune system, and help to minimize the use of medical treatments and all associated costs. It has also been clearly proven that salt rooms and caves have driven positive shifts in the immunity of patients who’ve been exposed to salt therapies.

Today, worldwide, a significant segment of the global population is suffering from some kind of psychological disturbance. Their problems include fatigue, anxiety, sleep deprivation, and others. In our fast-paced lives here in the Silicon Valley, salt therapy can prove very beneficial. 

As already discussed, salt therapy helps to improve clinical symptoms while increasing the functioning of bodily organs and the brain. It helps people cope with asthma and allergies, improves physical tolerance, reduces anxiety, heals depression, enhances mental health, and improves overall quality of life and wellness.

Breathe Salt, Breath Easy!


Idrees Munir
Idrees Munirhttp://saltinnovation.org
Idrees Munir is the President and CEO of Salt Innovation.


  1. The negatively charged ions in salt improve our health and mood. Inhaling particles may reduce inflammation and mucus in the lungs, improving respiratory conditions such as asthma, allergies, bronchitis, sinus congestion and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). Vist for more https://saltroombuilder.us/


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